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Valley’s first car elevator?

City staff are throwing their support behind a six-story commercial building in Kelowna’s Pandosy Village that will feature the valley’s first vehicular elevator.

Worman Homes submitted the plans earlier this year for the northeast corner of the Pandosy-Osprey intersection.

Instead of a penthouse and an office on the top floor, the plans call for offices on the second through sixth floors and a commercial unit at street level. And rather than parking on both the second and third floors, it will be on the first and second level.

The vehicle elevator would provide access to 23 parking stalls on the second floor. The elevator is proposed as an alternative to a standard parkade ramp to more efficiently utilize the space on a relatively small site.

There will also be 10 parking bays in the building at street level.

Worman Homes originally submitted plans that included an automated parking system in the March 2020, but it was for a project proposed across the Pandosy-Osprey intersection. It is unclear where that project stands.

City staff will recommend that the project receive a development permit and development variance permit at the Oct. 4 Kelowna City Council meeting.

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