Woman searches for late father’s jacket that was donated to Ottawa Value Village

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A former Ottawa resident is appealing for help to find his late father’s ski jacket after it was accidentally donated to a Value Village in Ottawa the day he died.

“I have many happy memories of my dad wearing this coat and am devastated that it was donated,” Nancy Marsden said in a post on Kijiji.

Marsden, who now lives in Virginia, is using social media to help the search for the jacket in hopes she can find the item to remember her father, who was once a ski instructor at Camp Fortune.

Marsden tells Newstalk 580 CFRA that her father Stewart Marsden died on November 6 and the jacket was donated to Value Village at Bank Street and Walkley Road that same day.

“My aunt had asked if there was anything I wanted kept from the long-term care facility he was in, and I said I wanted his blue and purple winter jacket, and I think the moment she mixed it up and said I wanted a windbreaker,” Marsden told CFRA’s Ottawa at Work with Patricia Boal Thursday morning.

“Unfortunately I ended up with a golf windbreaker and not the blue and purple winter jacket I asked for.”

Marsden says that when she realized the jacket was donated, her family visited Value Village on Monday, Nov. 14, to speak with staff and search for the coat.

“Since I’ve been posting a lot of stuff on the internet, someone said they saw it at Value Village around 5:30 on Sunday, November 13th, so it sounds like I missed it with one day,” Marsden said of the “last clue” they have to help search.

The jacket is a blue and purple Schneider Ski jacket, with a front zipper and pockets on both sides of the chest.

“When you look at the inside of the jacket, it has a silver lining and it also has to have his name on a sticker inside because the Glebe Center brands everything,” Marsden said.

Anyone with information about the coat is asked to email Nancy Marsden at njemarsden@gmail.com. Marsden has posted information about the jacket and the appeal for its return on Facebook, Kijiji, Craigslist, NextDoor, Locanto and the Ottawa Citizen.

Marsden tells Newstalk 580 CFRA that the coat has sentimental value to her as she remembers skiing and skating with her father growing up.

“My dad was a ski instructor on the weekends at Camp Fortune, and he got this jacket as part of that job in the mid-80s, and he absolutely loved this jacket. He wore it every winter, all the time for the rest of his time. life,” said Marsden.

“So when I saw him because my parents divorced when I was very young and my brother, my mother and I moved out to Winnipeg, I didn’t see him too much, but I just have such good memories spent skating and go skiing and sledding with him.

“I just associate that jacket with him so strongly because he wore it all the time.”

Marsden says she would be happy to refund or buy a new coat for the person who bought her father’s jacket at Value Village.

“I really hope the fur can come back to me because it has really sentimental meaning to me,” said an emotional Marsden.

“I know if someone bought it they were looking for something warm to wear, so I’m happy to refund them for the coat or buy them a new coat to keep them warm in the winter. I’m just hoping to get the coat back. “

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