Wild supercells storm ahead over spring and summer for Australia’s east coast, BOM warns

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Monster supercell storms, intense rainfall and flooding could hit anywhere, anytime in the coming months, ‘really rolling the dice’ for more unpredictable, extreme weather for Australia’s east coast, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned.

It comes after unexpectedly powerful storms wreaked havoc on Queensland’s Gold Coast and its hinterland on Friday morning, dumping more than 300 millimeters of rain.

The supercell system, triggered by a low pressure system off the coast, hit in the dark of night and triggered landslides, floods, rescues and evacuations.

BOM senior meteorologist Kimba Wong said predicting the type of weather system was a “notoriously” difficult task.

“We had … reports … that the chance of heavy rainfall would be possible in the Gold Coast region during this period,” Ms Wong said.

“It looked like the biggest risk would be northern New South Wales, but overnight we saw the low develop a bit further north and concentrate the higher falls over the Gold Coast region.

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