What happened in apartment 115?

Written by Javed Iqbal

Two women are found mysteriously dead, with the crime scene offering more questions than answers. Some say their deaths reflect a “silent crisis”.

Warning: this story contains descriptions that some readers may find distressing, and discussions of suicide.

Mail has been piling up in the corridor outside an apartment in Canterbury, in Sydney’s inner-west.

Neighbours move in and out of the complex, unaware of what lies behind the apartment’s door.

Apartment 115 is behind on the rent. So the landlord sends in the sheriff.

Inside the apartment, two sisters from Saudi Arabia are discovered dead.

And they have been dead for more than a month.

Police are called to investigate the crime scene, but it presents more questions than answers.

There are no obvious signs of forced entry to the apartment. Nor signs of injury to the women. The sisters are found in separate rooms, each in their own bed.

Initial autopsy and toxicology reports come back inconclusive.

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