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Welcome to our review of Urikar AT1, a massage gun that is making itself appreciated among fans of the sector. After its launch on the market, the Urikar AT1 has carved out its space between the muscle massage guns with 16 mm width and for this, we have included it in our special ranking of the Best Massage Guns 2022.

Anyway, we finally got our hands on it and we anticipate that there is a lot to tell you about it.

First of all, this is a fascinating percussion device with sinuous lines. It has that I don’t know what Theragun is, even if it’s not quite the same touch used in the design of this Urikar massage gun.

This review is going to be a little different because our tests took a slightly more specific approach than what we usually do in other massage gun reviews. We have compared the Urikar AT1 with the other massage guns of the best brands, to make sure that the Urikar AT1 datasheet is real.

One thing we cannot deny is that it is a novelty-packed percussion massager with some features never before seen in the world of massage guns. However, there are some skeletons hidden in the closet

Urikar AT1 Massage Gun Reviews 2022

The top of the range the Californian house launches the challenge to the powerful Theragun Pro: Will it live up to the expectations of those looking for an alternative massage gun to Theragun (and cheaper)?

Urikar AT1 Review

Let’s start this Urikar AT1 review by listing some of the technical specifications:

Stall Force (Kg) 27-29
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1200/3800
Speed 8
Noise (dB) 55-69
Heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2600
Weight kg) 1,3
Dimensions (cm) 27 x 25 x 9
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Display HD LCD touchscreen
PRO High percussive amplitude
Unique design
Recognition of the massage head
Energy-saving functionality Powerful

AGAINST Limitations of automatic mode
Slightly bulky
Where to buy it Amazon.com

Unboxing Urikar AT1

The packaging is well done and inside the box is a nice case with two hinges. The case is of excellent quality.

Here is what you will find inside the case:

  • Urikar AT1 massage gun,
  • 6 massage heads,
  • 1 wall charger (has different plug versions available),
  • 1 black envelope (class) with the manual inside.

The manual contains all the important information and what you need to know about the device.

urikar at1 unboxing




We get a lot of massage guns and sometimes the shapes and designs of these percussion devices can be quite static and conventional (most are ‘T’ shaped, like the Hypervolt ). But we do enjoy seeing brands from time to time trying to be a little creative from a design standpoint.

The Urikar AT1 massage gun is definitely one of these devices. Unique and intriguing at the same time. It has a “D” shaped design that makes it look a lot like a laser gun from science fiction movies.

The design is quite futuristic and the designers went to great lengths to make sure some details were visible to all. Like, for example, the jet-inspired side vents (next to the logo) are something special, never before seen on a massage gun.

The color mix is ​​also great. We love the Urikar AT1’s satin gray body, glossy black handle, glossy plastic ring on the front, and those intriguing blue LEDs.

Build quality looks very good and everything looks well put together.



As this massage gun is designed to look futuristic, the controls are also set in a fascinating way. This, however, makes the initial approach to using the device a little difficult, but, once you get the hang of it, everything becomes clear and intuitive.

Here are the instructions for use of the massage gun Urikar AT1 :

  • First, locate the main power button at the base of the device, it’s right next to the charging port. Long press (3 seconds). The LED next to the button will light up as well as the rear panel. This means that the device is ready for use.
  • Insert a massage head of your choice.
  • Press the touchscreen button O on the LCD screen to operate the device. You can press the button again to stop vibration therapy.
  • A long press of the O button (3 seconds) toggles between intelligent mode (pre-set as automatic) and manual mode. In manual mode, you can change the speed using the up and down arrow buttons.

Surely you are thinking “Well come on, it doesn’t seem that difficult”. It’s not that hard, to be honest, but there are so many details on that LCD screen that it can get a little confusing at first. Just get a little carried away.

Urikar AT1 Review: An innovative and technological massage gun, but will it also be performing?

Urikar AT1 Review: An innovative and technological massage gun, but will it also be performing?


LCD screen

The LCD screen displays classic information such as battery life and massage speed. But there are also a lot of extra features, details unique only to this device.

  • Urikar AT1 has a technology ( Massage Head Recognition ) that identifies the type of head connected. The screen shows the head currently in use.
  • There is a timer that shows the duration of the massage, simple but convenient.
  • The AT1 is equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the proximity to the body of the massage gun. The icon lights up during a massage.
  • There is also a charger connection icon, which lights up when the charger is connected. It can also warn you if the wrong charger is connected.
  • There is also the AUTO icon located above the speed gauges, which lights up when the automatic mode is selected.

Massage Heads

The Urikar AT1 Percussion Massager comes with 6 massage heads which include:

  1. ball head,
  2. flathead,
  3. U-shaped head (or Fork),
  4. bullet head,
  5. air cushion head,
  6. head to “I”.

We like the fact that all the classic and important cartridges are included. The air cushion accessory is also a nice addition, you can use it on your back when you are not massaging the spine area.

We have noticed that the massage heads are quite hard. The ball attack is also pretty solid. We like this feature because it allows us to penetrate deeply during intensive massages.

The Urikar AT1 massage gun comes with 6 massage heads.

Technologic Massage Head Recognition

The Urikar AT1 automatically recognizes the inserted massage head and gives you instructions on how to use it on the various parts of the body.

We think this automatic head recognition feature is cool! We haven’t seen this kind of functionality in any other device to date.

But even more interesting is the fact that on the LCD display you will find indications on which parts of the body it is best to use the chosen cartridge. For example, if you insert the ball head, it will automatically indicate that it is best to use it on the arms, shoulders, and neck area.

We believe this is a fantastic invention especially for novice users who may not know which massage heads to choose.

Dimensions, weight, and ergonomics

The first thing you notice when you hold the Urikar AT1 massage gun in your hand is how bulky it is. In most of our muscle massage gun reviews, we make it clear that a good percussion device shouldn’t be bulky, due to ease of use and strain on the wrists and elbows.

The AT1 measures 25 x 27 x 9 cm. The weight, however, is within the norm (like Theragun Pro and Elite ): it weighs 1.25 kg.

One thing worth noting is that both handles feel slightly tilted, which helps reduce wrist tension during a massage session.

We honestly had mixed opinions on the ergonomics of the Urikar AT1 massage gun. We’re not sure we fully appreciate the “D” shape design and multi-grip handle this device offers. Yes, there are indeed various ways to grip the Urikar AT1, but that doesn’t add anything special in terms of accessing those hard-to-massage spots.

To begin with, we do not believe that the patented “double handle” offers better grip and ergonomics than the single handle of the Urikar Pro 2 . In our opinion, the handles appear to add unnecessary weight and bulk to this device.

Only one of the two handles is comfortable to hold. One handle is rubberized and offers a good firm grip. The other handle, on the other hand, is not and is also too thick to hold comfortably. This leads us to wonder if the second handle was really designed to be gripped. We honestly don’t see how the two handles really improve the experience of using the AT1.

We know how difficult it is to invent something different in the world of massage guns: sometimes it almost feels like having to reinvent the wheel. That’s why we appreciate the work of the designers and we evaluate the ergonomics of the Urikar AT1 quite good.

Are the innovative design and “D” shape of the Urikar AT1 really useful for the ergonomics of the massage gun?


We wanted to see if we could trust the information provided by Urikar about the AT1 massage gun and therefore decided to subject this percussion device to our usual performance tests.

Urikar defines this massage gun as a professional-grade device that can compete with the best massage guns on the market. To prove this, the Urikar AT1 massage gun has to pass our tests of amplitude, stall force, and intensity of percussion.

Here’s what we discovered …


This parameter indicates how many millimeters the massage head of the massage gun moves back and forth during percussion therapy. Also called amplitude, it is what determines the depth of a muscle massage.

To be a professional level percussion massager the Urikar AT1 has to offer 16mm of width (the longest width in the category so far), as sponsored by the manufacturer.

Our tests have confirmed that this is indeed a massage gun with a percussive width of 16 mm. This feature puts it right there, between the professional massage guns, along with the big kahuna of the industry: Theragun (Pro, Elite, and Prime) and Achedaway Pro.

With 16 mm of width, you can get a deep and incisive massage, so if you are looking for a massage gun that penetrates the muscle even without applying so much pressure, the Urikar AT1 is the one for you.

Stall force

Stall force is the amount of pressure required to stop the motor of a device. It indicates the power of a massage gun and you can’t talk about a massage gun without mentioning its stall strength.

Unfortunately, this is where we disagree with Urikar. The datasheet says that the AT1 develops 29 Kg of stall force, which means it makes a greater stall force than the most powerful Theragun on the market: the Theragun Pro (27 Kg).

However, we believe it is an untrue value. Compared to other massage guns we have tested, we believe that the Urikar AT1 does not have 29 kg stall force, but probably a little lessabout 27 kg exactly like the Theragun G4 Pro.

Of course, it’s not a bad thing to have the same deadlock as Theragun Pro, the thing that makes us a little angry is that, in our opinion, the parent company lied to leverage potential customers. We are willing to forgive them, because in any case at such a low price they managed to churn out an excellent competitor device of Thergaun Pro.

Even for the AT1, however, the stall force is progressive. This means that when working at low speed it is very easy to lock the head of the AT1 (this is because the stall force is the amount of pressure required to stop the motor of a device). Things get better with increasing speed, but the feeling of power is slightly different from the Theragun Pro which has the same stall force.

Beyond this stall force observation, we believe the Urikar AT1 is a fantastic device with enough power to meet the needs of 95% of users. If you are a sturdy and muscular bodybuilder, better opt for the Theragun Pro or the Achedaway Pro.

Theragun PRO - Powerful, quiet and professional grade. The most advanced percussive therapy
Theragun PRO 
Powerful, quiet, and professional grade. The most advanced percussive therapy


We would like to say that we sometimes exaggerate (almost to a manic level) to test the stall force of the massage guns we review, because we take bodybuilders who have large muscle mass as a reference. However the Urikar AT1 has both the amplitude and the stalling force needed to make a great decontracting massage . It’s always about finding the right combination of what I need and what I want to buy.

As we’ve seen in other reviews , if the percussive amplitude is good (greater than 14/15 mm), you don’t need a lot of stall force to hit deep muscles, unless you’re really very sturdy. But it’s important that a professional-grade massage gun has enough stall force to meet everyone’s needs and the Urikar AT1 has it.

Urikar AT1 has an excellent percussive width.

Percussion and Speed ​​Levels

The Urikar AT1 massage gun offers a percussion range from 1200-to 3600 percussions per minute, which is quite high when you consider the large percussive amplitude of the percussion device.

In the other massage guns, we have seen that the greater the amplitude, the lower the intensity of the percussion. This is definitely the case with Theragun Pro, Elite and Prime (maximum 2400 rpm), and Achedaway Pro (maximum 2800 rpm). This means that the Urikar AT1 massage gun has a completely new range of percussion compared to the percussion massagers on the market.

This feature testifies that Urikar may have taken a completely new approach to the design of their latest creation: instead of just opting for high stall strength, they also enhanced the breadth and percussive intensity.

This amplitude/percussion combination is exceptional and is super effective in treating sore muscles.

While stall force appears to be less than advertised, when combined with the 16mm width and super high intensity, the end result is quite impressive. Overall we can say that the AT1 is really a performing device.

Speed, Modes, and Smart Functions

With this wide range of percussion Urikar, reasonably enough, has chosen to distribute the massage intensity over 8 speeds. Excellent choice with which we totally agree.

There are 2 ways to use this device:

Automatic default mode

Here the configuration is really intuitive. You don’t change the speed levels manually. The speeds are predefined and linked to the head inserted in the massage gun. This means that the device knows which speed to apply based on the massage head used. Just turn it on and it will do it all by itself!

In this mode, the device uses an infrared sensor to detect the proximity of the massage gun to the skin: when the sensor cannot sense your body nearby, the massage intensity decreases.

We had a lot of fun testing the device: bring it closer to your body and it will spin faster, push it away and suddenly the intensity will decrease. The intensity will also vary depending on the massage head inserted in the Urikar AT1.

We find this to be a useful feature for novice users who are using a massage gun for the first time and have yet to understand how to use a massage gun correctly and safely .

For more advanced users, or at least more experienced massage gun users, this feature can be a bit limiting. For example, when Urikar AT1 is used with ball hitch, the preset maximum speed is third gear. It seems to us too low a choice for that accessory, we would have preferred the maximum speed. But this is just our observation, you can just switch to the other manual mode.


Manual mode

This is the standard mode that allows the user to take full control of the percussion massager. The proximity sensor is not active in this mode, regardless of the massage head used. Switching between speeds with the Urikar AT1 in this mode is a wonderful feeling.

Another thing we like about this mode is a little feature called ” last setting memory “, thanks to which the device remembers the last speed setting used (before shutdown) and automatically picks up where it left off ( a bit like Netflix). It is a simple function, nothing special, but very convenient.

A tip for future versions of Urikar AT1

The up and down arrows to switch between speeds are illuminated in automatic mode. This creates a bit of confusion as it indicates that you can manually adjust the intensity in this mode when it isn’t. We would have liked those arrows to have remained inactive in automatic mode to avoid this confusion.


Most massage gun manufacturers love to brag about how quiet their percussion therapy devices are, but we from experience always take this information with a grain of salt, because most of the time this isn’t always the case.

Just look at the latest advertising for Theragun about how quiet their latest professional device 4 to generation Theragun Pro. Unfortunately, we had to disprove Theragun in our review of the Theragun Pro, because it is actually still too noisy! (perhaps the only real weakness of the G4 Pro ).

Urikar said the same for his latest AT1 massage gun, which using graphene coating can significantly reduce friction and produce less noise, and we wanted to test it to make sure it was really quiet.

Well, we can say that it is not too loud a device. In our tests, at the maximum speed, our dB meter registered 55-69 dB which is not a bad value. In our opinion, Urikar did a good job on the quietness of the AT1. However, it is still far behind the quieter Achedaway Pro.

We finally noticed that the device vibrates slightly at maximum speed, but nothing that we cannot handle.

In our tests, the noise level of Urikar AT1 did not exceed 70 dB. Good job!
See on Urikar.com


The lithium battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh. The battery life declared by the company is 10 hours, but this too is a figure to be taken with a grain of salt.

In our tests, we found that if used normally the battery lasts 5-7 hours, which is really great. This means that if you don’t abuse the Urikar AT1 massage gun so much, you’ll likely need to recharge it once a week, if not twice.

When the charger has attached the LED under the case lights up.

The smart capabilities significantly consume the battery, but Urikar has made some changes to help with the management of battery life:

  • The proximity sensor slows down the intensity of the device when it is away from the body.
  • The display panel turns off after 5 minutes of continuous use.
  • The device turns off after 15 minutes of continuous use (and not just 10 minutes like other devices do).

Urikar AT1 Price

The Urikar AT1 massage gun costs $ 231, but on the official website, there are always promotional offers that allow you to save up to 50%.


Surely it is a more than reasonable price for an innovative and technological professional massage gun like this one, which is a great alternative to Theragun Pro which costs 599 € .

The Urikar AT1 massage gun is covered by a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee period from purchase.

The official Urikar website accepts PayPal and ships for free all over the world, plus today with the SEPTEMBERAT1 coupon you can discount it by 40%  at checkout! What are you waiting for??? 😉

The best alternative massage guns to Urikar AT1

Are there any better massage guns than the one we just described in our review? The answer is YES, but it depends on your budget and the features you are looking for in the percussion massager.

It is also our habit to always recommend an alternative or two after reviewing a massage gun.

Alternatives #1: Theragun Pro

Massage Gun


Theragun Pro needs no introduction. It is a professional massage gun designed by the manufacturer that has reinvented vibratory therapy. Point.

This alone would be enough to describe the Theragun Pro massage gun, but if you want to learn more we posted a detailed review some time ago.

Theragun Pro has the same stall strength and amplitude as the Urikar AT1 but is far more ergonomic.

So far they play it, but Theragun Pro has 2 2600 mAh batteries, an adjustable arm, and a dedicated app ( Therabody App, a real cool!) That helps you to perfectly calibrate the intensity of the most suitable percussion massage. to you.

Urikar AT1 for its part has the automatic mode and intelligent features that do not joke at all.

We come to the sore pointTheragun Pro costs € 599 which is definitely not an affordable price for everyone, so if you are looking for an alternative to Urikar AT1 and you can afford to spend € 599 do it and you will not regret it.

A few weeks ago the price of the Theragun Pro had dropped to 450 $ and we reported it on our Telegram channel. If you don’t want to miss out on offers and discounts like this on the Theragun Pro massage gun, run to subscribe to the offers channel.

Otherwise, keep scrolling and discover the other alternatives to Urikar AT1 that we have selected for you.

Theragun Pro Review

Stall Force (Kg) 27
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1750/2400
Speed 5, unlimited with the Therabody app
Noise (dB) 60-70
Massage heads 6
Battery (mAh) 2 x 2600 + charging station
Weight kg) 1,3
Material High-quality ABS plastic
Dimensions (cm) 25.5 x 18.0 x 7.6
Extra functionality Strength meter
OLED display
Custom pre-set routines
Bluetooth and Thera body app Adjustable
arm 4 angles
PRO Large percussive amplitude
Large stall force
2 removable batteries
Excellent ergonomics
Very expensive
Warranty 2 years
Where to buy it Amazon.com


Alternative # 2: Ached away Pro

Massage Gun


The Ached away Pro is an alternative to the Urikar AT1 for those looking for a massage gun with great percussive amplitude and high stall force.

This Ached away Pro has the same 16mm width as the Urikar AT1 but has a stall force greater than 36kg (even greater than the Theragun Pro).

 Ached away Pro massage gun has an  impressive stall force : 80 pounds (therefore about  36 kg ), much more than the more famous Theragun Pro, but, unlike the latter, it  costs half .

The Ached away Pro design is the classic “T” shape, with an inclined handle to facilitate grip and ergonomics during the massage.

Ached away Pro has 5 preset speeds and there are no intelligent or automatic modes installed in the device as there are for Urikar AT1. It has a percussion range of 1700-2800 rpm, which is slightly lower than the AT1, but this doesn’t affect its performance in the slightest.

There are 4 massage heads, but the accessories are of excellent quality and there are two in aluminum.

The battery has a larger capacity than the AT1 ( 3200mAh ) but only works for 2-4 hours on a single charge. However, it has a removable battery and you can choose to buy a spare if you wish. Or buy the complete Ached away Pro + Spare Battery package, using the discount code MGIT25.

Finally, Ached away Pro is super quiet, probably the quietest professional massage gun on the market to date. It has a 2-year warranty, but this device is also more expensive than the Urikar AT1.

Ached away Pro Review

Stall Force (Kg) 36
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1700/2800
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 40-60
Heads 4
Battery (mAh) 3200 removable
Weight kg) 1,2
Material Aluminum
Diet Cable
Warranty 2 years
PRO Powerful motor
Large percussive amplitude
Very quiet
Removable battery
AGAINST Slightly bulky and heavy
Buy from Amaon.com
You can buy it from the official Ached away website (which accepts PayPal and ships for free all over the world) and using the MGIT25  coupon you can discount it by $ 25  at checkout! 😉

Alternative #3: Compex Fix 2.0

Massage Gun


The  Compex FIXX 2.0  is also an excellent alternative to the Urikar AT1 massage gun.

It is very similar to Urikar AT1 in “D” shape, and almost equal to Theragun Pro for the metallic blue circle on the outer edge of the Compex massage gun ( fancy take me away, really!).

In addition to these obvious similarities, the Compex FIXX 2.0 has the same  16mm percussive width as Urikar AT1 and is equipped with 5 speeds to exert the intense pressure needed to relieve pain in the most difficult points in a safe and comfortable way.

The  2 removable batteries and the included charging station  (as for the Theragun Pro ) allow you to recharge the Compex FIXX while using the massage gun without the need to keep it connected to the mains.

On the other hand, the stall force of 20 kg is much lower, even if the width of 16 mm partially compensates for this deficiency: just press the device harder on the skin and the problem is solved. 😉

Also, in this case, the price of the Compex FIXX 2.0 alternative is higher than the Urikar AT1, but sudden price drops occur several times and if you are quick to take advantage of it, savings are guaranteed.

A few weeks ago the price of the Compex FIXX 2.0 had dropped by € 150 and we reported it on our Telegram channel. If you don’t want to miss out on offers and discounts like this one, subscribe to our offers channel.

Compex Fixx 2.0 Review

Stall Force (Kg) 20
Ampiezza (mm) 16
Range percussive (rpm) 1000/3000
Speed 5
Noise (dB) 60-70
Massage heads 5
Battery (mAh) 2 x 2600 + charging station
Weight kg) 1,3
Material High-quality ABS plastic
Diet Cable
Warranty 2 years
PRO LED display
3-angle adjustable arm

2 batteries supplied
AGAINST Little stall force
Purchase Amazon.com


We have come to the end of our Urikar AT1 massage gun review, an interesting and unique percussion massager, a rare find in the sea of ​​clones and imitations.

We have to commend their attempt to design a massage gun starting from a completely different approach, even if for this reason they had to make it slightly bulkier.

It is an innovative and technological massage gun, with features and functionality never seen before. Some of the features are not perfectly balanced, but it is the percussion device smart that we reviewed so far.

We were a bit puzzled by the lower stall force than stated, but the great percussive amplitude and high intensity amply compensate for this “lack”.

We hope you enjoyed this Urikar AT1 review. If you decide to buy it you can consider using our affiliate link, in order to assign us a small commission (at no additional cost to you) as a “reward” for letting you discover all the features of this fantastic massage gun.

Finally, you can always ask us a more specific question if necessary, or write a comment below.

Urikar AT1 Offers, Discounts, and Coupons

Every day Amazon, eBay, and the major Chinese stores (Gearbest, Aliexpress) insert offer massage guns that allow you to save several euros on the purchase of a massage gun muscle massage gun, with discounts ranging from 20 to 70%!

Other times, however, the discount is not indicated, but in the bottom line, you will find the word COUPON or ADD COUPON to enter the discount code that will be automatically calculated in the final price of the cart.

These are almost always timed flash offers and if you are not quick to take advantage of them or are lucky enough to be in the store at that particular moment in which the offer is active, you miss the opportunity to buy your massage gun on offer.


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