Uganda: One-year-old dies as 11 more suspected Ebola cases identified

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Uganda’s Ministry of Health reported 11 more suspected cases of Ebola identified in the country’s Mubende district as of Tuesday. Of these, the ministry recorded one probable Ebola-related death, a one-year-old, it said in a statement released Tuesday night.

Samples for the one-year-old and the 10 suspected cases undergoing isolation are being tested at the Uganda Virus Research Institute, the ministry said.

So far, 11 suspected cases, one confirmed case and six cases considered probable have been identified as of Tuesday evening.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that Uganda had declared an Ebola outbreak after a case of the relatively rare Sudan strain was found in the country. That case was confirmed after testing a sample from a 24-year-old man in Mubende district who the ministry said died after showing symptoms.

Ugandan health officials investigated six suspicious deaths in the district this month.

According to the WHO, the country has experienced four Ebola outbreaks that left over 200 people died. The deadliest was in 2000.

Uganda borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which experiences a resurgence of Ebola after outbreaks this year.

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