Trump tears himself into ‘Bullshit Artist’ Elon Musk at the Anchorage Rally

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Former President Donald Trump the attack Elon Musk at its convention Saturday night in Anchorage, Alaska. While talking about restoring “freedom of speech” and stopping “left-wing censorship” under a potential Republican legislative majority, Trump Musk hit that he shot at his $ 44 billion. Twitter share. “Elon. Elon will not buy Twitter. Where have you heard that before? From me,” Trump said. “You know, he said the other day, oh, I never voted for a Republican. I said, ‘I did not know that.’ He told me he voted for me. So he’s another shitty artist. ” Trump ended up calling Musk’s contract with Twitter to buy the company off “rotten.” “Sign up Truth [Social]!” he said.

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