‘There is and was no active shooter’

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Update, 11:50 a.m.: All Princeton High School students are being dismissed for the day after an active shooter threat prompted a massive law enforcement response to the school building, according to Sharonville police.

Police said students taking the bus will be picked up from school and dropped off at their normal locations. Students who drive themselves to school will be able to access their cars and leave for the day.

Students who are normally picked up from school will be escorted to Vineyard Church at 11340 Century Circle, where parents can pick them up, police said.

There is still a large police presence at the high school.

Update, 11:30 a.m.: Princeton Schools says all students are safe and responsible, adding that the police response was prompted by a threat called in to the school district.

“There is and was no active shooter,” the district said in an automated call. The school district said there has been a “rash” of threats against schools across the country.

USA TODAY found anyway 30 active shooter false alarms and threats done in schools across the county this month.

Authorities have not publicly said the incidents are related, but experts say these deliberate false reports have similarities. Their origins can be difficult or impossible to trace, but waves of false alarms are often the work of disgruntled pranksters trying to disrupt the school or malicious bad actors trying to sow fear. And such scams seem to increase around this time of year when students return to classrooms.

Parents and relatives of students left work to rush to the school, parking over a block away, to find out if their loved ones were in danger.

“They’re not in control of this. There’s no order. The response was there, but we (parents) are over here and don’t know what’s going on,” said Markita Richardson, who has a daughter at Princeton High School. “We get phone calls from our kids that 11 people were shot, but then the police tell us it’s a hoax? And the attitude the police gave over this to parents who are just worried about our kids is not cool.”

Update, at 11:00 a.m.: The Sharonville Police Department says officers were dispatched to Princeton High School on Friday for a reported active shooter, although it appears to be a hoax.

Police said multiple law enforcement agencies are on scene checking the building. Residents are encouraged to avoid the area.

Previous reporting: Police are responding to an emergency reported at Princeton High School, according to Hamilton County dispatchers.

Police cars and emergency vehicles were seen arriving at the school shortly before 10.30am

The school, located at 100 Viking Way, off Chester Road, in Sharonville, appears to be closed.

Parents arriving at the school are asked to go to the Vineyard Church, Hamilton County emergency services posted on Twitter.

Emergency managers did not say what the nature of the call was.

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