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First hot stretch comes

Madison Erhardt

Environment Canada warns residents about the first hot stretch of summer for most regions of BC

The warmer-than-average is expected to begin Friday and last until Tuesday.

Daytime temperatures are expected to rise to the low to mid-30s in the interior.

“We’re going to get warm. We can get warm in June, usually it does not last that many days. That said, I’m happy. I think we’ve needed the change. We’ve got a lot of that rain, we typically ask in June and it’s important to have this little break.I’m a little worried about people coming out and going for the streams that are going to run high because there is still snowmelt in the high terrain, says metrologist Doug Lundquist.

River Forecast Center predicts the rapid melting of remaining snow packages.

Forecasters say there is “uncertainty” about the extent to which snowstorm runoff will raise water levels in the coming days, but warn the public to stay away from fast-flowing rivers and potentially unstable river banks.

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure staff say they are monitoring the water level from the River Forecast Center to help inform about the risk to provincial roads and bridges.

“During high currents, the province’s maintenance contractors increase patrols on highways and continue with proactive maintenance, such as keeping culverts free to protect the province’s infrastructure. Drivers are reminded to check DriveBC for the latest highway conditions updates,” the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure said. in a statement.

Lundquist also reminds residents to be careful when swimming in Okanagan Lake.

“People come in the cold water and think it’s hotter than it is because the air is so hot and people are succumbing to hypothermia. We’re not used to this heat either, so let’s make sure we get our sunscreen out, our hydration puts our heat smart in place. “

Lundquist says the heat could end with heavy thunderstorms Tuesday through Wednesday.

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