The captured Briton Aiden Aslin told that his execution would continue

Written by Javed Iqbal

However, Denis Pushilin, the leader of the DPR, which is not internationally recognized, downplayed this view in comments reported by Russian media last week.

“First of all, I have to let myself be guided by the court decision that has been made,” he said.

“On the nature of these articles, the offenses which they have committed, I see no reason or precondition for me to pardon them.

“They came to Ukraine to kill civilians for money. Therefore, I do not see any conditions for any kind of mitigation or change of sentence.”

He added that the court had “issued a completely fair punishment” to the three fighters.

The British were legal combatants who served with Ukraine’s armed forces and were fully entitled to the protection of prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, British ministers have previously insisted.

Foreign Minister Liz Truss said she had discussed the matter with her Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kulebo, earlier this month.

Aslin, 28, is a former Newark nursing worker, and Mr. Pinner, 48, is a former British soldier from the Royal Anglian Regiment. They had both moved to Ukraine in 2018 and signed military contracts with the Ukrainian army.

Brahim Saadoune’s family said he had enlisted as a contract soldier in the Ukrainian army by 2021.

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