The 7 things you need to know for Friday 25 November

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Russian strikes have cut off water and electricity in Ukraine.

  • The details: About two-thirds of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is without heat and about 50% of houses do not have electricity, from today early. Fifteen regions have problems with water supply.
  • Why it’s important: Temperatures are dipping below freezing in parts of the country, and millions are expected to leave their home in search of warmth and security.


Police released a note left by the Virginia Walmart shooter.

  • What happened? A gunman, a 31-year-old supervisor at the store he attacked in Chesapeake, fatally shot six people Tuesday before taking his own life, police said.
  • The latest: The note left on the shooter’s phone foreshadowed what was to come. He had bought the gun he used the morning of the attack, officials said today.


China is battling one of its largest coronavirus outbreaks of the pandemic.

  • What we know: Record 31,656 infections was reported yesterday. Major cities including Beijing and Guangzhou have ordered residents in some areas to stay at home.
  • Why is this happening? China’s strict “zero covid” strategy means most of its 1.4 billion people have never been exposed to the virus, leaving them with no natural immunity.


Elon Musk said he plans to bring back all banned Twitter accounts.

  • When? That would be the turn start next week, according to the platform’s new owner. Users are banned for things like violent threats, harassment, abuse and misinformation.
  • Why is it important: This would be “existentially dangerous,” one expert said, and help create a “free-for-all hell.” But it’s not clear whether Musk has the practical capacity to do this right now.


It’s Black Friday, but today will look different than usual.

The US men’s soccer team faces England at the World Cup today.

A British Paralympian becomes the first astronaut with a disability.

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