Thanksgiving Tradition: Grandma and Husband She Accidentally Texted for Holiday to Reunite for 7th Year

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An accidental text has led to a Thanksgiving tradition that now continues into its seventh year.

On Tuesday, Jamal Hinton confirmed in an Instagram post that he will spend this Thanksgiving with Wanda Dench, who in 2016 thought she was texting her grandson to invite him to Thanksgiving when she was actually texting Hinton.

“To answer all your questions, yes Thanksgiving Year 7 is planned out! See you on Thursday!” Hinton said in the caption of a photo that showed him standing next to Dench outside a Cheesecake Factory restaurant.

The two first met in 2016 when Dench, from Mesa, Arizona, sent a text inviting Hinton to dinner. It was intended for her grandson, who had changed his phone number. Instead, Hinton, who was 17 at the time, got the message while sitting in class at Desert Vista High School.

The two figured out the mistake and then sent each other selfies, with Hinton asking if he could still come over. Dench wrote: “Of course you can. That’s what grandmothers do … feed everybody.”

Hinton has documented the holiday every year on his social media. In 2019, he shared a snap and wrote: “Blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.”

After Dench’s husband died, they still spent the holidays together.

“This Thanksgiving, along with all the holidays to come, will not be the same as in the past, but we will make the best of it,” Hinton wrote in a 2020 post. “Rest in peace to Lonnie and everyone else we lost in years, we will miss you very much. Thank you for being in our lives.”

In an interview from 2021 with azfamily.comDench and Hinton reflected on their friendship.

“I would have missed out on a wonderful relationship,” Dench said when asked what would have happened if she hadn’t invited Hinton years ago. “I’ve changed my view of the younger generation so much, and now that I’ve reflected back on all these years, I didn’t change their lives; they changed mine.”

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