Teenager misses HSC exams due to ‘scary’ COVID-19 vaccine reaction

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An earlier Sydney high school student has told Ben Fordham of how she missed her HSC exams because of a negative COVID-19 vaccine reaction.

Monica Eskandar received her first dose of a vaccine just before her Year 12 exams last September.

Within hours, she developed severe chest pains, prompting her family to call an ambulance.

Monica Eskandar suffered from a negative COVID-19 reaction. (Nine)
“I told my mom, ‘there’s something really wrong with my heart,'” Eskandar told 2GB’s Ben Fordham

After days of intense chest pain, Eskandar was eventually diagnosed with pericarditis.

“One of the doctors originally told me it was all in my mind,” Eskandar said.

“She told me that pericarditis was only common in men under 30.

“I was too ill to sit my HSC after all that.”

Side effects of COVID-19 vaccines are rare

According to the federal government, 63 million COVID-19 vaccination doses have been administered with only 136,000 recipients experiencing adverse reactions, or 0.2 percent.

Leading cardiologist and host of 2GBs Healthy lifestyle Ross Walker told Fordham that it was clear that Eskandar had experienced “post-vaccination pericarditis”.

“I think an important point to make is that if you get COVID-19 and it does the same thing (as pericarditis), it’s probably ten times worse,” Walker said.

Eskandar was never able to sit her exams, but received an ATAR based on results from all her school years.

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