Survivor does not blame Netflix for Deadly Crash

Written by Javed Iqbal

– Yeray Albelda is in pain physically and emotionally after crash who killed two co-stars in an upcoming Netflix show – but he does not blame Netflix or the production company Redrum. That ruled in Mexico last Thursday, two of his close friends killed: Raymundo Garduno Cruz and Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar, who worked under the name Paco Mufote. They played a trio of miners in The chosen and was on his way to an airport in Baja California Sur to return home for a break when the van crashed. It tells Albelda, who suffered concussion and other injuries Deadline he can not remember the crash itself, but that he never had any worries about the van or any of the other vans that the production used.

Albelda, one of six survivors of the crash, says there were seat belts in the van, but passengers were not encouraged to use them and he never did it himself. He says he thinks “Paco and Ray were thrown out” when the van turned around and a sliding door opened. He says Netflix and Redrum have supported him since the accident. He has left production but will be paid as if he had stayed. “There’s no way anyone could have imagined this would happen,” he says. “Trust me, I just lost two very good friends that I have known for many years. If I felt someone was responsible, I would speak to bring their families to justice.” The accident is still being investigated.

There have been reports of poor working conditions on the set, but Albelda says he was never “abused or exploited” and the long hours were normal for the industry. “Because of course, long days and nights are the norm in most productions, people are exhausted,” he says Variety. Production of the show, based on American Jesus cartoon, resumed Monday. Albelda says he’s happy the show is going on – and he’s not going to give up acting. “I was given the gift of living another day and I do not take it lightly. I will continue to perform and honor Paco and Ray by sharing everything they have taught me,” he tells Deadline. (Read more Netflix stories.)

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