Simon Case admits he discussed jobs for Carrie Johnson with Prince Williams’ charity

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His letter came in response to another letter from Angela Rayner, Vice President of Labor.

Mrs Rayner asked Mr Case a number of questions about his involvement in the alleged job hunt, including whether he had spoken to the Foundation about the role.

She also asked him if Mr Johnson had raised the issue with the Queen or another member of the royal family.

Madam johnson eventually took a job as communications director at the Aspinall Foundationan environmental charity.

In her letter to the Cabinet Secretary Thursday night, Ms. Rayner said: “There are now serious questions that the Prime Minister must answer about potentially inappropriate and conflicts of interest in his lobbying for a high-paying tax-funded job for his partner in 2018, Carrie Johnson.

“Reports suggest that while the foreign minister, Johnson tried to get Johnson appointed to a job in the State Department in 2018 and for other roles, including one with a royal charity. “

Simon Case’s answer

Sir. Case said: “I was informed that there was one publicly announced role and possible volunteer opportunities.

“In line with the charitable status of the Earthshot Award, the publicly announced role was not publicly funded and any applicant would have been required to go through a full and open interview process.

“I do not understand how this information was used, but as I understand it, Ms. Johnson did not pursue any of these options.”

Angela Rayner is looking for a new ethics advisor

In a separate letter to Lord Evans, chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Mrs Rayner urged officials allegedly involved in the attempt to secure Mrs Johnson a job to testify publicly.

She said that Ben Gascoigne, one of Mr. Johnson’s closest aides, and Dominic Cummings, his former chief adviser, should be dragged in front of investigators.

She was also looking for one new emergency minister ethics adviser to be appointed soon to avoid Mr Johnson becoming “judge and jury in his own case”.

Downing Street has denied that Mr. Johnson recommended his then-fiancé.

Her spokesman has denied that she was flown with the Foundation to the job.

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