Several people injured in shooting at Saanich, BC bank, 2 suspects remanded in custody – BC

Written by Javed Iqbal

Several people have been injured after a shooting in daylight Saanich Tuesday.

Police said two suspects are now in custody, but officers are searching the area for a possible additional suspect.

Saanich police have confirmed that officers responded to a report of armed suspects in a bank in the 3600 block of Shelbourne Street in the community north of Victoria.

There was an exchange of shots and several people sustained injuries, police said, although the extent of those injuries is not known at this time.

Police are asking everyone in the North Dairy Road area to Cedar Hill Cross Road and Richmond Road to Cedar Hill Road to take shelter.

Everyone should stay in their home in this area, do not go outside.

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Nearby resident Beau Schultz said they were just getting out of the shower when they saw police officers outside their house.

“It started very simply with only the two officers I saw,” Schultz, who goes by the pronouns, told Global News.

“What I saw next time were two people leaving the bank and they were armed and they too, I do not really know how to describe how they were dressed but you could see they were trying to hide , who they were. “

They said that was when shots began to be fired and they saw one of the two people leaving the bank being shot.

“Time is frankly a blur,” Schultz said, adding that they saw smoke, people being hit and dozens and dozens of shots.

“It’s all pretty overwhelming, to be honest.”

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Global News has contacted Saanich Police, BC Emergency Health Services, Coroner and Saanich Mayor Fred Haynes for further information.

More on the way.

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