Senator Jacinta Price votes against territory rights bill, citing distrust of NT government, concern for children

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Politicians from both sides of politics have criticized Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price for voting against a bill which would allow the NT government to make laws on euthanasia.

The Country Liberal Party (CLP) senator has turned against his own party’s long-standing policy platform to cast a provisional vote against the Territory Rights Bill in the Federal Parliament.

The bill, which looks set to pass after a final vote next week, would overturn a quarter-century-old veto barring the NT and ACT governments from voting on whether to allow voluntary assisted dying in their jurisdictions.

Territory Rights bill does not legalize voluntary assisted dying in NT.

Senator Price said she wanted to see coalition amendments yet to be drawn up before the final vote, which she said were needed to protect children and young people.

“There are just a few provisions that I think need to be considered,” Senator Price told ABC Radio Darwin on Friday morning.

“For example, protecting children under 18 in terms of euthanasia – that’s what the amendment will be designed around.”

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