Search for job candidates in NY is canceled the day before Barilaro’s resign

Written by Javed Iqbal

The investment NSW chief, who appointed John Barilaro to his plum job, canceled the independent recruitment search for the role the day before Barilaro announced his resignation from politics.

Investment NSW’s CEO Amy Brown sent an email to the global recruitment firm that ran the talent search on October 3, 2021, saying their services would no longer be needed because the trading positions would now be ministerial appointments.

Barilaro, to whom Brown reported as trade minister, announced the day after he would leave politics, citing the toll that public life had taken on him.

Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown.

Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown.Credit:Louie Douvis

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has moved to distance himself from the appointment of Barilaro to a trading role of $ 500,000 a year in New York, which is evolving into an aggravated scandal for his government. Perrottet insisted that the appointment be made at an arms length from the government, and on Thursday he announced that he had instructed the Secretary of State and Cabinet. to make a review into how it is made.

In his email to the recruiting firm, Brown said the changes to the recruiting process were “beyond our control” and said the New York posting would now be handled internally rather than by an outside firm.

Two months later, the NSW Treasury placed an ad That Australian Financial Review re-advertising of the positions, including the New York role with Barilaro secured.

Former NSW Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro.

Former NSW Deputy Prime Minister John Barilaro.Credit:Jessica Hromas

“I appreciate you keeping this confidential, but we have now received confirmed instructions to begin legislative preparation to reverse the Global Senior Trade & Investment Commissioners [STICs] to statutory officials (i.e., ministerial appointments), ”Brown’s email said.

“The General Agent for London and STIC for Tokyo will be transferred to the new events. This means that the recruitment process for the STIC positions in Singapore, India / Middle East and China must be suspended and all candidates are informed that we will not proceed with the process.

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