Ryan Grantham gets life in prison for killing his mother in Squamish

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Former Riverdale actor Ryan Grantham was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 14 years for the 2020 murder of his mother in Squamish, BC

The former child actor charged with the second-degree murder of his mother in Squamish, BC, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Ryan Grantham, 24, was known for his roles in popular TV series such as Riverdalea show based on the Archie comics, as well Supernatural and iZombie.

In her sentence handed down in a Vancouver courthouse on September 20, BC Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Ker ruled that Grantham will not be eligible for parole for the first 14 years of her sentence.

Grantham’s lawyer, Chris Johnson, said the sentencing was not a surprise.

“It was, I think, the lowest possible [sentence] we could expect under the circumstances,” said the lawyer. “…there are many aspects of the case that are more like the first degree [murder] than they are with the second degree.”

Johnson said the judge specifically recommended that Grantham not be held in a maximum security facility because of “his young age and small size.”

However, the final decision on where Grantham will serve his sentence will be up to the Correctional Service of Canada in the coming months.

The verdict comes more than two years after Grantham’s 64-year-old mother, Barbara Waite, was found dead in a Squamish home.

In March, Grantham pleaded guilty to shooting Waite at their home on the 40000 block of Government Road on March 31, 2020.

An autopsy revealed that Waite’s cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

“He put the crosshairs on the back of her head, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger,” Crown prosecutor Michaela Donnelly said.

Before sentencing, the court heard that Grantham had considered shooting his mother on several occasions because he did not want her to find out about his poor school performance and marijuana smoking.

After shooting her, the court heard he covered his mother with a sheet and went out to buy beer.

Grantham later loaded his car with weapons and downloaded Google directions to get to Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, where he planned to assassinate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“He was the only person I could think of, the most important person in Canada,” he later told police.

“Killing Trudeau, that’s all I got right now.”

Grantham made it as far as Hope, BC before turning back

Grantham had also contemplated mass killings, including one at Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University. On March 5, 2020, Grantham was in his car at SFU with a shotgun.

At one point he considered climbing the Lions Gate Bridge and throwing Molotov cocktails before shooting people, the court heard.

He eventually turned himself into the police.

During the trial, Grantham’s sister described the murder of their mother as “cold-blooded”.

“Words cannot express how horrible and gut-wrenching this has been to go through,” Lisa Grantham told the judge.

Grantham began his career as a child actor at the age of nine. At the age of 11, he was cast for a role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassusa 2009 film directed by Monty Python Flying Circus comedy team alumnus Terry Gilliam.

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