Russia attacks Kherson 17 times on November 24, destroying “invincibility center” and killing civilians

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Russian occupation forces carried out 17 attacks on the city of Kherson during Thursday, November 24, damaging a kindergarten where an “invincible center” was located and killing a civilian.

Source: Halyna Luhova, head of the Kherson City Military Administration, in a Facebook video address

Quote: “At 08:20 Kindergarten No. 7, located at 23a, 49th Guards Division Street – our center of invincibility – was damaged in an attack.

15.00 there were 17 attacks; 1 person has been killed and 1 has been injured. The Russians are firing chaotically at residential properties.”

details: The civilians who were killed and wounded were found at 26, Viacheslav Chornovol Street.

Russian forces also carried out a mass attack on apartment blocks and private houses on Druzhba Street around 12:00. At 08:20 Russian occupation forces attacked the building at 37, Kherson 200th Anniversary Avenue and damaged a high-rise building. A car caught fire. Around the same time, apartment blocks on Karbyshev, 49th Guards Division, Parovozna and Perekopska streets were also attacked.

Kherson Territorial Hromada [an administrative unit designating the city of Kherson and its adjacent territory – ed.] has been hit a total of 62 times on the 20th–24th. November. Eight civilians have been killed and four have been injured. Luhova urged residents of Kherson to evacuate from Kherson Oblast in light of the Russian attacks.

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