RMT Leader Mick Lynch Wins Cult Followers After Floor Critics | News

Written by Javed Iqbal

His leadership of the biggest rail strikes in the UK for 30 years led to logistical challenges for millions of commuters across the UK yesterday.

But even though Mick Lynch, the general secretary of RMT, was inevitably branded as a pariah by many of those whose plans were disrupted, Mick Lynch has also established a cult following online after a series of media appearances.

Celebrities and politicians have heralded the union leader’s crooked remarks when questioned by leading TV stations such as Richard Madeley, who he said expelled “the most notable nonsense”.

Actor Hugh Laurie was among those praising Lynch after 50,000 union members staged first of three 24-hour walkouts.

He tweeted: “I do not know enough about the railway conflict. I only observe it

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