Rising costs to hit seasonal staples as the price is expected to last for months

Written by Javed Iqbal

Australia’s squeezed supermarkets could soon hit the price of cucumbers, tomatoes and berries, as farmers warn it could take months before prices return to normal.

Lack of labor and the rising production costs have put a handbrake on supply.

Farmers have warned that their crops risk rotting in the field because they do not have workers to pick them.

AusVeg spokesman Tyson Cattle told Nine that the flood-hit areas of Queensland had also increased price pressure.

Cost of living
Camera iconExpenditure on fruit and vegetables has risen. NCA NewsWire / David Mariuz Credit: Corp Australia company profile

“The reality is … it will take 12-16 weeks for the supply to return to normal,” he said.

“Production costs are significant. Fertilizer costs, chemical costs, fuel costs, as you can see, labor costs, all of these different impacts have critical implications for growers to be able to plant their crops.

“It will, of course, have a flow-on effect for Australian consumers.

Sir. Cattle called on the government to speed up visas for agricultural work and repeal plans to cut coalition agricultural visas due to the dropout of backpackers in Australia.

“If we have the workforce on the way, then we can suddenly have confidence in planting more product,” he said.

Cost of living
Camera iconThere are concerns that crops are rotting in the field due to lack of labor. NCA NewsWire / David Mariuz Credit: Corp Australia company profile

“As much as (the) backpacker (visa) serves a purpose for our industry, we do not want to be dependent on a backpacker who is largely here to have fun and enjoy the luxury Australia has to offer. offer.

“We do not want to have to rely on it. We are disappointed that the government has not followed up on ag visas.”

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt met with stakeholders across the industry on Tuesday to speak through challenges in the sector.

Mr. Cattle told Nine that he had met with the new minister “a few weeks ago” and hoped he could work with him to “find a solution”.

“It’s really getting to a critical point to find a solution,” he added.

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