Recent midterm elections: Boris Johnson insists ‘crazy’ to retire if he loses at Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton

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Boris Johnson fails to deny that he offered Carrie Symond’s top job

Boris Johnson has insisted that it would be “crazy” for him to step down as prime minister if the Tories get a double blow in this week’s midterm elections, in Wakefield and in Tiverton and Honiton.

Speaking to journalists traveling with him in Rwanda, Mr Johnson tried to defy those who claimed his electoral roll may have been critically damaged by the Partygate saga, protesting that “it was only a year ago” , that his party defied historical precedent to win Hartlepool middle choice.

“Government parties generally do not win by-elections, especially not mid-term,” he said. “You know I’m very hopeful, but you know where you’re going. It’s just the reality.”

His comments came as before Brexit Minister Lord Davist Frost argued that we might never get evidence to show “one way or another” if leaving the EU has been bad for the economy, “since there was” so much else going on “.

Lord Frost suggested that a test of Brexit’s failure “would be if we still discuss this in five or six years in the same way”.


Johnson says he will point out the ‘obvious benefits’ of the Rwanda plan to Prince Charles

Boris Johnson said he would emphasize the “obvious benefits” of his asylum policy in Rwanda to Prince Charles when holding talks in Kigali after the royals were reported to have called the stopped scheme “terrible”.

The prime minister slammed “condescending” opponents of plans to forcibly remove migrants to the East African nation as he prepared to defend the faltering policy on Friday as Charles hosts talks over cups of tea in Rwanda’s capital, where they are . attend a Commonwealth Summit.

In an interview with television companies at a school in Kigali, Mr Johnson said: “People need to have an open mind about politics, critics need to have an open mind about politics. Many people can see its obvious benefits. So yes, of course, if I’ll see the prince tomorrow, I’ll make it clear. “

Andy Gregory23 June 2022 13:15


No 10 non-binding over Lord Frost Brexit demands

Downing Street has provided a non-binding answer to the question of whether the true economic impact of Brexit will ever be known.

Asked if former Brexit minister Lord Frost was right in saying that the consequences might never be clear, a No. 10 spokesman pointed to trade agreements concluded with countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

“Again, we have recently seen a global pressure on things like energy prices and others that have caused instability in the financial markets and in other sectors as well, and it has had an impact on economies around the world,” he added.

“But as I say, we are committed to ensuring that we realize all the benefits of Brexit, as the Prime Minister said and as Jacob Rees-Mogg said in Parliament yesterday.”

Pressed on whether the extent of any benefits might never be known financially, he said: “As I say, we will see the benefits as we continue to conclude more trade agreements with countries across the globe and in the same way the ability to control things like import duties and other economic levers over which we now have full control. “

Andy GregoryJune 23, 2022 1:14 PM


Boris Johnson erroneously claims that the weather is warmer in London than Kigali

When Lord Frost gave a skeptical assessment of the ability of forecasters and analysts to properly assess the economic impact of Brexit, Boris Johnson appears to have opened his speech in Rwanda with a dubious forecast of a different kind.

Andy GregoryJune 23, 2022 1:01 PM


MP ‘reassured’ by a report clearing her of sexual harassment by SNP employee

Scottish MP Patricia Gibson has said she has been “reassured” by a report (see post at 11:47) to clear her of sexual harassment by a member of the SNP staff in a bar in Parliament.

“I am grateful to the independent panel of experts for its work and comprehensive assessment of this case. I am confident that the independent panel of experts has acquitted me and has found that I am not guilty and that the investigation of this case was substantial. deficient, ”she said in a statement.

“I have always maintained my innocence. It has been a very difficult 16 months where my reputation has been erred and repeatedly tracked down in the press and on social media, which has also endangered my personal safety with threats, abuse and harassment. .

“I have found this period extremely traumatic, but I am glad that my reputation has been restored and I now wish to draw a line under this case and look to the future.”

Andy GregoryJune 23, 2022 12:39 PM


Johnson and Kagame ‘praises’ stopped Rwanda’s asylum policy as ‘successful’, claims No. 10

Boris Johnson and Rwandan President Paul Kagame have jointly hailed the government’s halted asylum policy as “successful”, according to Downing Street.

Following their meeting in Kigali, a No. 10 spokesman said: “Leaders also praised the successful migration and economic development partnership between Britain and Rwanda, which tackles dangerous smuggling gangs while offering people a chance to build a new life in a safe country. “

The couple shake hands during a bilateral meeting in Kigali

(Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

Andy GregoryJune 23, 2022 12:22 PM


It would be ‘crazy’ for me to resign due to defeat in the by-elections, says the Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has suggested that it would be “crazy” for him to step down if the Conservatives get a double blow by losing two important by-elections this week.

The Prime Minister downplayed the Tories’ chances as they try to defend the seats in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton in two scandal-triggered polls on Thursday.

“Are you crazy?” he told reporters traveling with him to Kigali as the prospects for his departure were raised.

Johnson added: “Come on, it was only a year ago we won the Hartlepool by-election that everyone thought was … you know we had not won Hartlepool for, I do not remember when the Tory party last won Hartlepool – a long time, I never think it’s had.

“Government parties generally do not win by-elections, especially not mid-term. You know, I’m very hopeful, but you know there is. It’s just the reality.”

Matt MathersJune 23, 2022 12:10 PM


SNP MP acquitted of sexual harassment

Scottish MP Patricia Gibson has been acquitted of sexual harassment by a member of SNP staff in a bar in Parliament.

Ms Gibson, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran and SNP spokeswoman for housing and local communities, had appealed a decision by the parliamentary parliamentary commissioner that her behavior in Parliament’s Strangers Bar had been tantamount to sexual misconduct.

An independent appeals panel found that the investigation into the allegations against Gibson had been “materially defective”, but did not find that the complaint had been annoying or made in bad faith.

Matt MathersJune 23, 2022 11:47 AM


Frost on Johnson: I wish he would stop saying things that are ‘actually wrong’

Lord Frost has said he wished the prime minister would stop saying things that were “actually incorrect”, but it was up to the Conservative MPs to decide his fate.

Asked about Boris Johnson’s claims that there were more people at work now than before the pandemic, which has been criticized by the Office for National Statistics, the former Brexit minister said: “I wish he would not say things like that, which is obviously not true., with factually incorrect statements.

“But in the end, it’s up to the prime minister’s own party and MPs to decide how they want to do things or not.”

Lord Frost also denied that Brexit had caused a collapse in confidence in British politics.

Matt MathersJune 23, 2022 11:28 AM


Impossible to know if Brexit was bad for the economy, Frost says

We may never get evidence to show “one way or the other” if Brexit has been bad for the economy, Lord David Forst has argued.

The former Brexit minister said it would probably never be clear whether he had succeeded or failed to leave the EU for economic reasons because there was too much else going on.

Speaking at an event hosted by a changing Europe, he said: “A proof of failure would be if we still discuss this in five or six years in the same way.”

“If it is to succeed, it must settle into British politics, and there must be broad consensus that this is the way we are moving forward. I do not think we are quite there at the moment.”

He added: “I’m not sure we’ll ever get economic proof in one way or another that will prove this. The tests are broader, the tests are about democracy as well as economics.”

Matt MathersJune 23, 2022 10:51 AM


US raises concerns over ‘multi-tier’ protocol billing

The US has raised concerns on several levels with Britain over its plan to override parts of Brexit’s Northern Ireland protocol, it has been reported.

A senior official in the Biden administration told The Irish Times that its overall view was that any amendment to the protocol “should be a product of a negotiated agreement with Brussels, which is enacted into British law”.

London recently published draft legislation to abolish post-Brexit trade arrangements, which critics say would violate international law.

Matt Mathers23 June 2022 10:33

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