Queensland mother forced to live in tent separated from children due to worsening rent crisis in Gold Coast

Written by Javed Iqbal

A mother from Queensland has been forced to live separately from her three children after struggling to find rental housing for over a year.

Corinne Cook from the Gold Coast now lives in a 10-man tent with her partner, Dale Brown, while her children live with the mother’s relatives.

“I get to see them whenever I want, but it’s just not the same,” Cook said.

Cook said she is devastated and she can not provide safe living conditions for her children.
Cook said she is devastated and she can not provide safe living conditions for her children. (9 news)

“I want my kids home and they want to be home, but I can not have them here, and when I have them here, they do not want to be here because it is not a homely feeling.”

Mom said the family had been looking for a new home since the owner of their rental home decided to sell in June last year.

After several banks and rejected rental applications, the family was forced to move between sofas with friends and family and various caravans.

“Go look at the house and there are 30 other people there,” Cook said.

“It’s just overwhelming.”

Cook said countless rent applications had been denied, forcing her to live in a tent while her children live with relatives. (Nine)

The Gold Coast has registered the lowest availability for rent in the country with only 0.4 percent of properties available.

The coastal town’s population is expected to grow by a further 145,000 over the next 10 years, putting more pressure on the strained rental market.

Steven King of Colliers Gold Coast said more people are expected to move north from southern states.

The Gold Coast has the lowest availability for rent in Australia. (Nine)

“There has been intergovernmental migration where many people in Melbourne and Sydney are still migrating to the Gold Coast as they still want to be within an hour of a capital city,” he said.

Cook just hopes that a more stable opportunity can soon be found to provide his children with a stable housing option.

“It’s probably the worst situation I’ve been in my whole life,” she said.

“And it hurts. It hurts physically.”

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