Puppy missing for 12 years miraculously reunited with owner

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A tiny border terrier who went missing in Britain when she was just a puppy has been miraculously reunited with her owner – a whopping 12 years later.

Liz Eldridge, 51, had bought the puppy – named Missie – as a birthday present for her son Oscar, but the dog suddenly disappeared from their Hertfordshire home back in February 2011.

The mother spent the next eight years driving around the country chasing possible leads to find her beloved dog.

Eldridge, who works for Britain’s National Health Service, eventually gave up hope – and resigned himself to the fact that Missie had probably been stolen.

But her luck changed last week when she was told Missie had been found and traced back to her via a microchip ID implant.

The distraught owner said a member of the public found the missing dog and turned her over to animal control services.

“It was a mix of pure joy, but also sadness… As Missie was in a terrible state,” Eldridge said of being reunited with her pet.

Liz Eldridge and Mission
Liz Eldridge, pictured with Missie after they were reunited, said she spent eight years trawling the country looking for her.
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Mission as a puppy
Eldridge had bought Missie when she was just a puppy as a birthday present for her son.
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Mission after returning home
Eldridge said Missie was in “terrible condition” when she finally returned last week, but is already on the mend.
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“She had clearly been used constantly for breeding and was very nervous and fearful. We believe she had been kept on a chain and beaten.

“Every time I went to put the leash on, she was so scared,” she added.

After being cared for for a week, Eldridge said Missie was already showing signs of improvement.

“Her tail is starting to wag and hopefully she’s starting to realize she’s come home safe and sound,” she said.

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