Punjabi-origin man regrets moving to Canada, says schoolboy stabbed teenage son in heart: The Tribune India

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Toronto, November 25

The father of 18-year-old Mehakpreet Sethi, who was stabbed to death in a Surrey school parking lot, has told a news channel that he regrets moving to Canada with his children.

Sethi died in hospital after being attacked with a knife by a 17-year-old student from Tamanawis Secondary School in the Newton area on Tuesday.

“When I went to the hospital, the doctors told me that the weapon directly pierced his heart and that’s why he died,” Harshpreet Sethi, Mehakpreet’s father, told Omni Punjabi.

The family moved from Dubai to Canada eight years ago. They hail from Punjab’s Faridkot district, the channel reported.

“I came to Canada with the hope that my children will have a better future, they will be safe… Now I regret why I came to this country with my children,” said Harshpreet.

Fighting back tears, Harshpreet told the local TV channel that the attacker could have hit him, hit his arm or leg instead of taking his son’s life.

Police said a fight broke out between Sethi and a 17-year-old boy that ended with the teenager being stabbed.

The suspect has been taken into custody after being identified by the witnesses.

“What kind of upbringing did his parents give him (suspect)?” Harpreet asked, adding that it is not easy to raise children for 18 years and then lose them in an incident like this.

Mehakpreet was not a member of the school community, according to a statement released by the acting principal of Tamanawis Secondary School.

He had gone there to pick up his younger brother Bhavpreet, who studies in class eight.

Mehakpreet’s sister told Omni Punjabi that he had planned to buy new clothes for Bhavpreet as his birthday was coming up, hence he picked him up during lunch break.

In a statement, Sgt Timothy Pierotti of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has appealed for witnesses to come forward and share information.


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