Power outage caused by testing of 700 megawatt load at LIL

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About 58,000 customers were temporarily without power this morning as testing of the Labrador Island Link caused a trip.

NL Hydro warned that power surges could occur as tests on the Labrador Island link were carried out today.

Outages began to be reported at 10:00 across the island from St. John’s to Corner Brook, but was quickly resolved.

Vice President of Hydro Engineering and NL System Operator, Rob Collett, says the outage occurred when they were testing a 700 megawatt load on the Labrador Island Link.

The cause of the trip is now under investigation, and continued testing of the LIL, originally scheduled for next week, is not expected to continue while the probe is completed. The test is part of the final commissioning of the Labrador Island Link.

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