Pope Francis asks for forgiveness for school abuse: A closer look at the papal apology

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I remember the meetings we had in Rome four months ago.
At that time I got two pairs of moccasins
as a sign of the suffering endured by native children, especially those who unfortunately never made it back from primary schools. I was asked to return the moccasins when I came to Canada, and I will do so at the end of these few words, in which I would like to reflect on this symbol, which during the last few months has kept alive in my feelings of sadness, indignation and shame. The memory of these children is truly painful; it urges us to work to ensure that every child is treated with love, honor and respect. At the same time, these moccasins also speak to us of a path to follow, a journey that we want to do together. We want to walk together, pray together and work together so that the suffering of the past can lead to a future of justice, healing and reconciliation.

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