Police officer delivers baby by the side of the road

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A Sydney police officer had a shift he would never forget after he helped out give birth to a baby on the side of the road.

Senior Constable Tim Burnett was operating a speed gun on Williamson Road at Ingleburn last month when a ute pulled up next to him and the driver called for help.

“I noticed a blue car going from the right lane to the left lane pretty quickly, and then the driver got out of the car and came over and yelled, ‘My wife’s in labor,'” Burnett said.

Police officer Tim Burnett holds baby Winter a month after he unexpectedly gave birth to her. (NSW Police)

“I didn’t really think about what was happening at the time, I just thought that person needed ambos and she needed them urgently.”

Eugene Uiliata drove out while his wife Sela was in labour, but thought he would be fine at the hospital.

“At that point I thought ‘it would be crazy if we give birth in the car’, but then I thought, ‘no, it’s not going to happen,'” Uiliata said.

Eugene and Sela Uiliata with baby winter and police officer Tim Burnett at their home. (NSW Police)

Sela said her husband went out to grab a towel just as the baby arrived so Burnett had to deliver the baby girl.

“She came all the way out and Tim was the one who caught her and delivered her so she was born on the side of the road at 1.21pm on October 8,” she said.

NSW Police said its officers were often asked to help, but it was something Burnett did not expect.

“Without hesitation, Tim offered reassurance to the couple and within minutes he had delivered a beautiful baby girl,” police said.

Bodycam of the moment Burnett was forced to give birth to baby Winter on the side of the road. (NSW Police)

A month later, Burnett was reunited with the grateful parents of baby Winter in their home.

Sela thanked Burnett and the entire police force for all their support.

“Hopefully she (baby Winter) can one day continue my dream of becoming a police officer.”

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