People back NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet in battle with NRL over stadium funding

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Cancel it, Premier. You’re in business.

Division at Manly remains

So now we know. Despite assurances from Daly Cherry-Evans that his Manly squad remained united even after seven players opted to sit out the season rather than stick with the rainbow jersey, the truth is now coming out.

“[The seven] still say they were not consulted [rainbow] shirt, and it went against their religious and cultural beliefs,’ said an anonymous first grader Wide world of sports columnist The mole.

“We weren’t consulted when a betting sponsor was placed on our shirt – that’s what the lads wear every week … I’m not sure what their god would say about that.

“No one asked us when our oval was renamed after a brewery – I don’t think their god would have liked that either. And I can tell you that very few young lads in our club live by the 10 commandments – not even most young lads in Australia for that matter.”

Well done. How could you be anything Other things than still mad at the seven players who did this? What do they themselves have to say? Funny you should ask. Enter the next section.

Stands strong – on stony ground

Finally they speak Manly Seven!

Or at least one of them did, relaying his thoughts to Danny Weidler for his column last Sunday.

“I can speak for all the players, the seven, plus another player who was asked to replace the players,” said the player, “the view of the group is united, the players will not participate in a pride exercise.”

Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Haumole Olakau'atu, Josh Aloiai and Josh Schuster are five of the seven Manly players who withdrew from the pride round clash.

Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Haumole Olakau’atu, Josh Aloiai and Josh Schuster are five of the seven Manly players who withdrew from the pride round clash.Credit:Getty/NRL Images

Great, so they’ll also ditch next season’s rainbow jersey plan and rip some in the club apart rather than even tangentially be involved with a gesture that supports the idea that gay people are just like everyone else and deserve respect. But they are does not homophobic, remember that! Look, if I was a potential Manly sponsor right now, I’d run screaming from the room. And if I were incoming Manly CEO Tony Mestrov, I’d resign sooner than re-sign any of them.

The intransigence of the Seven was supported by an intermediary who told Weidler: “The players are not told what to believe.”

Large. Believe what you damn well, no matter how absurd it is. God created everything, but strongly rejects gays – seriously?

“They don’t want to tell others how to believe or behave and want the same respect given to them.”

So you want to disrupt the season rather than stand with the idea of ​​equality inclusivity for gay players and fans, but you do you want respect? Any thoughts that they might deserve some too?

“Although consultation was important, the real issue is related to their religion. The players have been criticized for playing in a sportsbook on a beer court. The critics may not have read the Bible. There’s nothing to say it’s not okay, just not over the top…”

Champion, bring it in close. The Bible doesn’t come out against beer, or betting on sports results using the point spread? And you’re going crazy serious?

And yes, I understand that the Old Testament actually has some things against homosexuals. However, it would be the same text that, as in Exodus 21:7, says that you can sell your youngest daughter into slavery? And let’s not forget Exodus 35:2, which says, “Whoever does any work on [the Sabbath] must be killed.”

Say, don’t you professional soccer players play on Sundays? Isn’t that your job?

I could go on, but if you google “President Josiah Bartlett and Leviticus” you’ll get the drift from the famous episode of The West Wing. He speaks for many of us.

Don’t get upset. They are our beliefs, right?

No London buzz for the Commonwealth Games

Colonial Games?

There have undoubtedly been many fine sporting moments, and good luck to all the competitors. But as someone who has been in London for the past week researching a book, it has been instructive.

Not even here, in the host country, is it a very big deal. It’s on and when England win something there’s a bit of polite applause. But it doesn’t come out in conversation, nor on the street. It’s happening over in Birmingham, wherever that is, and that’s fine, but there’s exactly zero buzz.

What they said

Peter V’landys on the NSW Government developing a backbone and – citing the Lismore floods and the cost of COVID-19 – standing up to the NRL on the absurdity of building endless stadiums for a non-taxpaying business that already have stadiums: “I think it’s appalling that they’re using human tragedy from the floods to reject a deal.” I daresay the people of Lismore might find endless expenditure shoveled into the gaping belly of the stadiums even more appalling?

Premier Perrottet reacts to the subsequent threat that – brace yourself – the NRL final could go to Brissie because of it: “Sydney will always be the home of rugby league and if Peter V’landys wants to take the grand final away from home then he can explain that to the fans.”

Former Sports Minister Stuart Ayres: “If the NRL took the Grand Final from Sydney after the NSW Government has spent more than $1.5 billion on sporting infrastructure that massively benefits the NRL … if the NRL walked away from the home of its sport here in NSW, the state where the Grand Final has always been played with the exception of the COVID Grand Final from last year, it would be an extraordinary move.” You see, Premier? We need that kind of money for “massive good”, NSW, not the NRL.

Gray Wiggle Andrew Redmayne on abuse from Peruvian fans. “Half of me wishes I could speak and read Spanish so I could know what they’re saying. But on the other half I’m glad I can’t, I guess.” It is better that you understand nothing, Rojomayne.

Rick Williams, who invented the referee ‘bunker’ on which the NRL was modelled: “When it started I said to Graham [Annesley], ‘you get guys into the bunker who will judge the match. You can’t do that, it’s not right’. That’s how it’s gone, which is a shame. It’s a brilliant tool for them, but it just needs to be for scoring. It’s just gone further and further, and that’s what happens.”

Kyle Chalmers denies there was any tension between him and his former partner Emma McKeon after they won gold as part of a medley relay: “I think the media really need to start growing up and focus on the good things. You look at America, they jump on the winners they support. Whatever I do these days the media will jump on when I have done nothing but give everything to this country. I stand and talk to you after every race. Bad, good, I’ve always stopped to give you the time of day.” Very big of you, Tex!

Chalmers on what will happen if we from the media don’t go into the room full of mirrors, take a good look at ourselves and stop making crap about him: “There will definitely come a time when I stop [talking to you after races]if that happens.” We can’t say we haven’t been told.

Charles Barkley on not commenting on the LIV Tour and keep doing basketball, which will be his last contract: “I don’t want to keep being welcome. I’ve already been doing it for 21 years. First of all, dude, I’m almost 60 years old now. I’m very aware that my body is breaking down, just like everybody the older guys’ bodies are disintegrating. I’d like to go on vacation somewhere instead of sitting in Turner’s studio while I decay. I don’t want to decay on television.”

Charles Howell III, 43, was previously No. 15, but now 150 places lower, because of what motivated him to take the blood money from the LIV mob and join the Saudis: “No, money was not a factor.” Destroy the tank! Rather, he said, he believed that “Golf can be a force for change and good.”

Team of the week

Emma McKeon. I honestly can’t keep up, but she seems to have won everything that went into the pool at the Comm Games.

Emma McKeon

Emma McKeonCredit:John Shakespeare

Wallabies. Start the rugby championships early on Sunday morning in Mendoza.

First Perrotte. Finally a Premier who stands up to the NRL.

Women’s football. 87,192 fans at Wembley for the final was a record for a European final – men’s or women’s!

Jess Fox. Successfully defended his world title in extreme slalom.

Alex de Minaur. The Australian tennis player won his sixth ATP title.

REST IN PEACE. Johnny Famechon. One of our greatest boxers has died, aged 77. Among other achievements, he won the world featherweight championship in 1969.

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