Pennsylvania principal Roger Weaver Freed arrested for 7-year relationship with a student

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A Pennsylvania school principal was arrested and charged with more than 30 sexual charges for an inappropriate sexual relationship he had with a male student over a seven-year period.

Roger Weaver Freed, 34, was charged on Tuesday with 30 counts of indecent sexual contact with a student, one count of sexual assault, one count of aggravated assault, one count of corruption of a minor and three counts of misconduct for the supply of alcohol to a minor. according to the court books.

Police said Freed initiated a relationship with the student, who is now of college age, in 2015, when the boy went to middle school. The relationship became sexual two years later and continued after the student finished high school until a few months ago – where it ended in April, according to a statement.

The student told investigators he only grew close to Freed after the death of a family member. He began to lean on the educator for emotional support, saying “he trusted Free ‘like an older brother,” the document said.

Their relationship grew rapidly to time outside of school, where Freed volunteered to give students car rides to various locations so they could have “one-on-one conversations.”

Exterior view of Williamsport Area High School.
Freed is the principal of Williamsport Area High School.
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The student said he considered the teacher and himself to be “bros” and said they could talk about anything, including his sexuality. They routinely texted, called and FaceTimed each other, police said.

In 2017, Freed and the student’s relationship became sexual, and the principal asked the boy to promise not to tell anyone, emphasizing that he could lose his job.

The student said he felt “overwhelming guilt” after the first sexual encounter, according to the statement.

The couple continued to engage in sexual activity four to five times a week throughout the student’s next two years in high school. The student told police that their relationship continued when he graduated high school and began college.

Freed was arraigned on Tuesday and released on bail after bailing out $ 175,000. He is required to wear an ankle monitor at all times and is prohibited from having contact with minors or the victim.

Freed, who is employed as principal at Williamsport Area High School, has been suspended with pay by the school board, according to PennLive.

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