NSW Shooters Party MPs are threatening to resign if leader Robert Borsak does not resign

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Two members of parliament from the party Shooters, Fishers and Farmers are threatening to leave the party if their leader does not resign.

Member for Barwon Roy Butler and Member for Orange Philip Donato have called on Shooter’s party leader Robert Borsak to leave politics altogether, as has Legislative Council member Mark Banasiak.

If Mr Butler and Mr Donato quit, the party would be without any MPs from the House of Commons.

The call comes two months after Mr Borsak was accused of bullying, for saying one female independent MP should have been “belled”.

Mr. Butler said if no change was made he would consider running as an independent in the state election in March.

“The risk is that if it can’t be resolved then you go into the election without members of the lower house and potentially affect the vote of the upper house as well,” he said.

“So for me the course of action for the management and for Robert is quite clear.

“I don’t want to do it, but it’s a possibility.”

The only other Shooters Party MP, Mr Donato, said he might also leave and run as an independent if Mr Borsak stayed.

“We don’t want to leave the party, but ultimately if the executive doesn’t choose to show some leadership on this issue and support … Roy, Mark and myself [and] the concerns we have, we may not be left with any other choice,” he said.

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Orange MP Philip Donato says he can no longer work under Mr Borsak’s leadership.(Provided by: Philip Donato)

Sir. Donato said Mr Borsak’s refusal to apologize for the comments about MP Helen Dalton was not good enough.

“I cannot continue to work under Robert’s leadership and in a party that Robert is in if he is not prepared to make these concessions.

“We do not stand for violence against anyone, let alone women – it was something that was totally inappropriate.”

“We have tried to give Robert feedback”

Butler said the Upper House comment two months ago was the last straw and the party had been unhappy with their leader for years.

“We’ve tried to give Robert feedback on some of the things he’s said, some of the things he’s done, but it’s a bit like water off a duck’s back, it’s not sinking in,” he said.

Robert Borsak MLC holds a gun as he prepares to participate in a Clay Target Game Club
Shooters Leader Robert Borsak has been urged to leave politics.(Facebook: Shooters Farmers Fishers Robert Borsak)

Mr. Butler also confirmed he had been tapped on the shoulder to take the reins if Mr Borsak left.

He said it was something he would “consider” but it was not his ambition.

“My colleagues have suggested that they would have me do it, but I have not yet nominated for it – if there is no other option but for me to do it, I would do it,” he said.

“It’s not something I want to do — I’ve got to deal with 44 percent of the state honestly, but if it came to that, I would.”

Sir. Donato has ruled out a shot for the leadership, instead throwing his support behind the Barwon MP.

“Roy would be a great leader of the party, he’s a great communicator and leader in the community and represents our interests, I think, in the best possible way,” he said.

Sir. Borsak has not responded to ABC’s requests for comment.

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