Now British Airways workers are voting to strike – and targeting the summer holidays to achieve maximum impact

Written by Javed Iqbal

Nadine Houghton, a GMB national officer, accused BA of pursuing a “fierce fire and re-employment policy” and that unrest “is now beginning to spread like wildfire to other groups of BA workers, with many more now considering voting to go out”.

The union leader said earlier this month: “British Airways is facing one grueling summer with travel chaos if they will not give these workers what is rightfully theirs. ”

Mrs Houghton said: “With bleak predictability, holidaymakers are facing massive disruption thanks to British Airways’ pig head.

“BA has tried to offer our members crumbs from the table in the form of a one-time bonus of 10 percent, but it does not cut into mustard.

“Our members need to reintroduce the 10 per cent they had stolen from them last year, with full arrears and the 10 per cent bonus that other colleagues have been paid.

“GMB members at Heathrow have been subjected to countless abuses as they deal with travel chaos caused by staff shortages and IT failures.

“At the same time, they have had their salaries cut under BA’s harsh fire and re-employment policy.

“What did BA think would happen?

“It’s not too late to save the summer holidays – other BA workers have had their pay cuts reversed.

“Do the same for the ground and check-in staff, and this fight can be stopped.”

‘BA faces a problem that they themselves have created’

Unite officer Russ Ball said: “The problems British Airways is facing are entirely of its own making. It was brutally cut in jobs and wages during the pandemic, even though the government paid them to save jobs.

“In the event of this dispute, they have insulted this workforce, cutting wages by 10 percent only to give it back to the leaders, but not to our members.

“BA treats its loyal workforce like second-class citizens and they will not tolerate it for a moment longer.

“Strike actions will inevitably cause serious disruption to BA’s services at Heathrow.

“The company has a short window of opportunity to reintroduce our members’ salaries before strikes are called. I urge BA not to waste that opportunity.”

Members of the GMB voted 91 percent in favor of labor struggles, while Unite said 94 percent of its members supported action.

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