Mother of four loses ‘everything’ in the family home, after fire tears the house apart

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The family of a mother of four said she lost “everything” after a fire broke out in her home.

On Tuesday, June 21, firefighters were called to the fire on Shellingford Road in Huyton which is believed to have happened around 8 a.m. James Taylor, brother of the mother who lives in the house, said “everything” in the house has “disappeared.”

The 27-year-old told ECHO : “Everything in the house is really gone. There’s not really anything there, no clothes, no toys, no toiletries, just things you need for everyday life. Appliances, lids, refrigerators, anything like that has all been destroyed.”

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Merseyside fire and rescue service sent five fire trucks to the scene and all residents were out of the property when crew arrived, with no reported injuries. People were asked to avoid the area and keep their windows and doors closed.

James said he received a text message from his mother telling him about the fire in his sister’s home and that he was “swallowed” at seeing the devastation when he arrived. He said “My mom texted me and said try and do not panic but there has been a fire, sister’s house has gone. I left work and drove to my sister’s house and I was completely honest.

“I did not realize how bad it actually was. The whole family is devastated and it’s obviously her home and the children’s home. It’s just heartbreaking for all of us.” The 27-year-old said his sister’s top priority is her children and is grateful they were unharmed after the fire.

The scene of a house fire on Shellingford Road in Huyton
The scene of a house fire on Shellingford Road in Huyton

He added: “It’s really been a bit of a shock process, no one really knows what’s going on. We just know we have to try to help her get back on her feet and just do what we can to help them. benefit.

“I think she’s coming around now and now understands what’s happened. Her priority at the moment is the kids and making sure they’re okay and just trying to get housing as soon as possible.”

James and his family have now created one GoFundMe page to help her sister “get her back to where she needs to be”. A fire and rescue spokesman from Merseyside said at the time: “The fire site was extinguished around 9.30am and crews are continuing to check for hot spots where the fire was completely extinguished around 10.40am.

“The fire brigade has carried out fire safety checks in homes in neighboring properties. An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.” In an update today, a spokesman for the fire department confirmed that the cause of the fire was “accidental” and caused by an electric bicycle on charge.

They said: “Our investigation of the fire has confirmed that the cause of the fire was accidental and was caused by an electric bicycle charging in a room on the ground floor.”

To donate to the GoFundMe site, click here here.

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