Marjorie Taylor Greene says Democrats have “already started the killing” of Republicans

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) accused Democrats of murdering Republicans in “killings” the lawmaker claims are underway. “I’m not going to talk to all of you,” Greene said at Donald Trump’s convention in Warren, Michigan, Saturday night. “The Democrats want the Republicans dead, and they’ve already started the killing.” To support her claim, Greene quoted a recent North Dakota crime drama about a drunken man who allegedly “had a political argument with [a] pedestrian,” struck the pedestrian with a car and later claimed the pedestrian was “part of a Republican extremist group,” according to court documents. During his speech, Greene added that the President Joe Biden “has declared every liberty-loving American an enemy of the State.” “But under the Republicans, we’re going to take our country back from the communists who stole it and want us gone,” Greene concluded.

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