Manitoba woman says stolen SUV was torn through her backyard

Written by Javed Iqbal

A woman living in Elma, Manitoba, says she thought she was going to die after an SUV that was later determined to be stolen came tearing through her yard toward her home Tuesday night.

On Tuesday around 2.20pm, the RCMP in Beausejour received a call about a suspicious person driving in the area. Mounties said the license plate on the vehicle revealed it had been stolen from Winnipeg.

When an officer found the vehicle in a parking lot on Selch Street in Beausejour, they turned on the emergency lights and were about to get out of the cruiser. However, the RCMP said the stolen vehicle backed away, struck the police car and then drove away.

The officer was not injured.

Officers at Lac Du Bonnet were told the stolen vehicle was on its way and they set up a roadblock on Highway 15 in the RM of Whitemouth.

“The suspected vehicle stopped at the roadblock and officers spoke to the driver in an attempt to get him to turn off the vehicle and leave. However, he refused and fled,” the RCMP said in a press release. “The officers expected this to happen and had already put out a pointed belt.”

The RCMP said the vehicle ran over the tip belt and took off while Mounties continued to track it.

It was then that Bridget Barron, a resident of the area, told CTV News Winnipeg that she had a shocking experience. She had been in her home near the Whitemouth River when she saw an SUV come tearing into her yard.

“All I saw was this SUV coming towards my window,” she said. “I thought I was going to die, because when I saw that SUV coming, I thought, ‘That was it, I’m dead.'”

The driver ended up turning away from Barron’s house through her backyard and losing car parts in the process before stopping on the riverbank behind his home.

“I ran back because I thought someone might have a heart attack – that was my first reaction,” Barron said. “Then the police came and they just asked me to go inside and lock the doors.”

She said the entire area was locked down when several police units, including a helicopter, began searching the area. Mounties said using a police dog, a suspect was found hidden in a shed on a rural property.

“The suspect appeared to be suffering from an overdose,” Mounties said in a press release. “The officers administered Naloxone and performed first aid until Emergency Medical Services arrived.”

The suspect, a 26-year-old man from RM in St. Clements, was taken to the hospital and later released. He now faces charges under the Highway Traffic Act, along with several criminal charges, including possession of property obtained through crime, dangerous driving, failure or refusal to comply with a claim, servicing a vehicle while he is weakened, and non-compliance with a release order.

The charges have not been proven in court.

The RCMP said the investigation is ongoing.

-with files from CTV’s Mason DePatie and Kayla Rosen

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