Londoner charged £500 for 10 minute pedicab ride

Written by Javed Iqbal


The Londoner said he was conned out of £500 by a pedicab driver who distracted him when he went to pay for a ten-minute ride on the rider’s card machine.

The passenger, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was charged the exorbitant amount after a short journey from Mayfair to Soho on July 29.

He told The Local Democracy Reporting Service: “I had had a few drinks and I should have realized but I blindly put my card in the machine.

“He was good at what he did.”

He added: “That’s £500. I’m not going to let that go. He should be fined £5,000 and have his pedicab taken away from him, he said.

“They must of course be regulated like taxis, and they must be licensed. At the end of the day, these guys could be anybody.”

It came after five pedicab operators were slapped with record fines following an investigation by Westminster Council.

In connection with Met the policeoperators were charged a total of £5,682 as the council stepped up pressure on drivers who massage in London‘s West End.

The five drivers were issued individual fines and costs of between £684-£2,019 and are the biggest issued by the council since the investigation began.

Councilor Aicha Less, deputy leader, cabinet leader for communities and public protection, said: “Pedicabs are an unauthorized nuisance and drivers regularly block pavements, play loud music and charge exorbitant fares.

“We want people visiting the West End to have fun and be safe and the council will continue to work with the police to crack down on anti-social pedicab drivers.

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