LIVE UPDATES: Nurses meet at Parliament House in Australian Nursing Federation union strike amid pay dispute

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Around 14,000 operations and procedures – including for cancer patients – will not go ahead on Friday as nurses walk off their posts to rally outside Parliament House in an extreme escalation of a bid to bolster the McGowan government to improve its pay rise offer from 3 to 5 per cent

The Australian Nurses Union is ignoring warnings about patient safety to speed up the statewide strike that will force the cancellation of hundreds of operations and 14,000 hospital appointments.

It is understood nurses tasked with delivering cancer care at Perth Children’s Hospital are among those to walk off the job, meaning doctors will be required to plug the gaps.

After the WA Industrial Relations Commission accused the union of bargaining in “bad faith” and appealed to it to call off the strike, ANF secretary Janet Reah declared it was “not my problem – it’s their problem”.

“The strike, with skeleton staff left on the wards and in clinics and communities, will be a snapshot. This is what the future holds if we don’t treat nurses and midwives better,” Ms Reah said.


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