Live updates as the government was set to send commissioners into Nottingham City Council

Written by Javed Iqbal

Nottingham Labor State appointment of commissioners “unfounded”

Nottingham Labor said in a statement: “This morning we were informed by the Government that they are prepared to appoint Commissioners to oversee some parts of the City Council. The appointment of Commissioners would be unjustified and an attack on our local democracy.

“Under new leadership, Nottingham Labor has made progress, been open about the difficulties we face and worked hard to rectify things. We have worked with the Government – appointed Improvement and Assurance Board to address all their concerns, and they have reported positively to the government on our progress.

“This work has resulted in the reduction of the municipality’s debt, a transformation plan that will save the municipality £ 45 million and improve the service to the people of Nottingham. We have set a four-year balanced budget and changed culture and governance, so issues like f eg HRA is uncovered, divided transparently and sorted.

“The Council under the current leadership has made significant changes in the way it works, is open about the problems we face and is determined to make things right, and this has been recognized by the Council for Improvement and Insurance. by Sir Tony Redmond – the former local government ombudsman – has described our progress positively to the government and reported on our willingness to succeed, so we ask the government what further change they expect to achieve by bringing in people who know nothing about the needs of the city and our residents.

“While we oppose the governments’ intention to appoint commissioners, the continuity provided by Sir Tony Redmond provides some assurance that our past improvements are understood and can be built on. But we ask what new actions would take place as a result of, that commissioners come in. it would improve the work of this council or result in changes that the people of Nottingham want.

“We will use our opportunity to respond to this proposal from the government to ask these questions. If it is the case that the government takes this action, this will not be based on what is best for the city, but what is best. for the city.The Conservative Party.We will of course work positively and openly with Commissioners, as we have done with the Improvement and Assurance Board in the best interest of our city, but we will be equal to them and equal to the people of Nottingham and will continue to to fight for what the Nottingham people need and have elected a Labor Council to do.

“The government’s cuts in our budgets mean it’s harder to do everything we want to do to help our communities at the moment, but we’ve been fighting for Nottingham and protecting our services from the worst effects of the Tory cuts. We made sure Nottingham City Council – and our amazing staff – were there for you during the Covid crisis, and we fought hard to get what we needed so that our city could help keep people safe.

“After more than a decade of Tory savings – and the pandemic – we have managed to set up a four-year balanced budget. It has not been easy, but Nottingham Labor:

 Has retained 75 civil protection officers

 Still building town halls and has improved private rental housing

through our licensing scheme

 Has retained ownership of our excellent nursing home

 Still runs six leisure centers

 Supports counseling on welfare rights throughout the city because we

defend what the Nottingham people need.

“We still support free events for families all year round and you can still expect a regular bus service from our award-winning city-owned bus company. We have our own bus company because Labor protected it as many others were sold out to private operators and they see now more canceled services and much higher tariffs.

“We invested in a tram that brings good jobs to the city and gets people to them. Our large public transport system has contributed to cleaner air than other cities in the UK and made people less dependent on a car. The transformation of Broadmarsh is underway , after the mall’s operator went into administration, a new central library will soon be set up, a green area in the heart of our city will be created, and new developments that create jobs and housing will come over the next few years.

“We are a city of hard-working people, and Nottingham deserves better than the intervention of a tory government that is not affected and that is more concerned with protecting the profits of energy companies than the people who can not heat their homes or struggle to feed their families.We understand what twelve years of Tory savings and now the cost of living crisis mean to you because we not only represent our community, we are part of them.We will continue to fight for what Nottingham needs and will still be ready to help with the problems you face, or hear your views and hopes for the city. “

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