Latest midterm results: Oliver Dowden resigns as Tory chairman after crushing midterm defeat

Written by Javed Iqbal

Lib Dem sources said their party has won the by-election with at least 1,000 votes. The official result is expected to be announced shortly before noon.

“If I had said six months ago that we would win this by-election, everyone would have laughed, and rightly so,” said an astonished insider.

Lib Dem MP Christine Jardin, who is at the census in Crediton, said her party will now aim for the prime minister and deputy prime minister seats in the next election.

She told the Telegraph: “This is huge. This is the largest majority that has been toppled since 1935 in a by-election and it should send a message to the government.

“If I were a Conservative MP at the time, I’m surprised they have not already acted that they can not see the writing on the wall.

“If they can lose seats that they consider as secure as this one, then both the Prime Minister and Dominic Raab, their majority is far smaller than you have here. They should think about that.”

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