King Charles III plans to strip Prince Andrew’s daughters of princess titles

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Ia recent piece about The Royal Family’s ‘Company’a detailed explanation regarding King Charles III plans to slim down the monarchy were explained. The core members of ‘The company‘ way back Prince Andrew out of it because of his sex scandals and overall personality. But a recent report from Royal expert Marlene Koeing via The Express suggests the King may also strip Prince Andrew’s daughters of their princess titles.

This can inevitably result in Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie receives a larger downward adjustment. Although Koeing says this decision will be strictly technical, Prince Andrew’s latest scandals also comes out at the same time King Charles III rumored to make this decision.

Queen Elizabeth II’s four children stand vigil by her coffin in Westminster Hall

It is what Cowing explained: “Yes, there will be a change and it may include downgrading Beatrice and Eugenie to style with daughters of a Duke. This was done in 1917 Letters Patent for the great-grandchildren in the male line.

“That is why the current Duke of Gloucester and the current Duke of Kent (who are grandchildren in the male line) are the last to have HRH and the Prince as their children are not royal. Charles will actually make it more restrictive, but it must first and foremost have to do with gender equality – which most people forget.”

What would the princesses be called?

Princess Beatrice is Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter and Princess Eugenie is the youngest. Should this shakeup happen, they would be downgraded to Lady Beatrice and Lady Eugenie, respectively.

When Queen Elizabeth II reigned, she changed the rules so that Prince William’s children could be called Prince/Princess. But King Charles III maintains his fondness for old traditions despite all talk of the bad relationship with his brother.

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