Jayana Tanae Webb Case: Philadelphia DA Reproduces Murder Charge Against Woman Accused of Killing 2 Soldiers, Pedestrian

Written by Javed Iqbal

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A Philadelphia judge has dismissed charges of third-degree murder against woman accused of killing two Pennsylvania state troops and a pedestrian in an accident earlier in the year.

Jayana Webb, 22, of Eagleville, appeared before a judge Wednesday for an initial hearing in the March 21 accident.

The third-degree murder charges were dropped due to lack of evidence, according to the judge. She is still charged with manslaughter with a DUI vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and other related offenses.

“I ultimately believe the judge made the right decision based on the law. This should never have been charged as a murder case,” Webb’s attorney, Michael Walker, said.

Shortly after the hearing, the Philadelphia DA’s office filed charges of third-degree murder in the case.

Authorities say Webb was driving on I-95 southbound in the area at mile 18 near Stadium Complex just north of Broad Street when she beat and killed 33-year-old Martin F. Mack III and 29-year-old Branden T. Sisca.

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The troops helped a pedestrian, identified as 28-year-old Reyes Rivera Oliveras, enter the back of their intersection when the crash happened. Oliveras also died in the crash.

Nine witnesses testified during Wednesday’s inaugural hearing.

Before the fatal crash, Webb reportedly drove around 110 km / h and was pulled over by the two soldiers. It was revealed in court that the troops left Webb when they got a call after a pedestrian on the highway.

So 15 minutes later, authorities say Webb crashed into the soldiers and the pedestrian.

Webb told troopers she looked down at her phone to see what exit she was taking when she heard a “boom.”

Her blood alcohol concentration was 0.211% and Webb was seen on surveillance video in turn.

The initial hearing ended with great disappointment among the family and colleagues of the fallen Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Mack and Sisca.

Webb’s lawyer said he could understand why they might be upset.

“They want a lawsuit to represent them very well and represent the lives of the people who perished, and I’m not sure that’s what they feel they got,” Walker said.

Webb’s bail was set at $ 600,000. She had been detained without bail since the arrest.

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