iRest SL A190 Massage Chair Reviews

iRest SL-A90 Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Welcome to my post ” iRest SL-A90 Massage Chair Reviews 2024 “The birthplace of massage procedures is rightfully considered Asia. After all, in fact, in Asian countries, massage points were discovered, air massage and yoga were developed. Massage chairs from the Pan-Asian concern iRest Massage Chairs are smart robots that do massage, the main goal of which is to replace manual specialists.

iRest SL-A90 Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Highly advanced scanning

IRest massage chairs scan and adapt to the user’s physique, providing each user with an individual, unique massage.

Foot massage

The iRest A90 massage chair is a modified version of the popular SL-A86 model and differs only in the presence of a roller massage of the feet. Thanks to the effective effect of the roller massage on the feet, you will be pleasantly surprised, it will seem to you that your feet are at a high-class massage master.


Reflexology provides healthy and harmonious functionality for the whole body. The therapy will help to cope with overstrain and fatigue, relieve headaches, normalize blood pressure, improve attention, especially before significant events and meetings, since after therapy you feel cheerful, strength, energy rushes to you and you gain calmness, peace.

Therapy is carried out on the basis of the science of acupuncture – a method of accurately determining the physical and mental state of a person and providing appropriate, relevant treatment.

Spine straightening

This feature is one of the most popular on many massage chairs. Straightening the spine helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and return the vertebrae to their original position, and also copes with the problem of muscle contraction.

Mechanism of compression – air massage of hands

The massage procedure is performed using the pads located on both sides of the elbow and massaging the hands and palms with impulsive movements in a circle. This type of influence on the massage points of the body soothes you and provokes the regeneration of the body.

Neck massage

Traditional massage of the neck and shoulder areas relaxes your muscles, accelerates blood circulation in the neck and brain area, providing a large amount of oxygen, which significantly improves the person’s mental capacity and improves attention. This massage is a great opportunity to prevent the possible manifestation of joint ailments.

Infrared massage

Almost every modern massage chair these days has this very useful and effective feature. Infrared heating works at the cell level, which significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of massage, helping to cope with colds and back discomfort. This model of iRest Massage Chair is also equipped with an infrared massage function.

Space saving function

The essential benefit of this feature is that it saves space. Thanks to the slider mechanism, you can push the chair forward, which will allow you to put the chair right next to the wall without taking up much space.

Zero Gravity Function

The innovative work of designers and professional massage therapists has found the best body position for massage. This function puts you in the chair so that the intervertebral discs are the least loaded, and the effectiveness of the massage becomes the highest.


iRest SL-A90 massage chair has the ability to memorize the settings and preferences of a massage of three people.

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