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iRest Massage Chair Reviews
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The iRest Massage Chairs are the result of fifteen years of study in the design and development of a product that now dominates the global wellness market.

IRest Massage Chair collaborates with the best technological and medical universities and with the best companies in the technology development sector, such as LG, Philips, and Toshiba.

The iRest brand has succeeded in developing Massage Chairs so innovative that it has established itself on the world market as the leader in the sector of professional massage chairs, especially in the USA.

My Recommended Massage Chair Under $2000

The World Most Loved Massage Chair Under $2000
irest massage chair

Main Features: 

  • Automatic Computer Body Scan
  • Intelligent Mechanical Robotic Massage Hands
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • SL-Track Massage System
  • Auto Massage Modes from 6 to 8
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Lower Back Infrared Heating
  • Adjustable Roller Width
  • Extendable Foot Rest

Top 3 the Best iRest Massage Chair Reviews 2022

iRest has introduced many models of massage chairs but we’ll review the best selling iRest massage chairs only. Almost all iRest massage chairs have all the latest massage functions. Let us discuss them one by one.

Now we discuss all the models of iRest Massage Chairs one by one.

1. iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair Recliner, Full Body, Zero Gravity Massage Chair

iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair Recliner

iRest SL track massage chair is a top-of-the-range model, which allows you to feel good. iRest A303 has advanced features including multiple massage modes and a reclining seat.

It is also very comfortable with its padding, airbags, and faux leather upholstery. This massage chair has all features like Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair .iRest Massage Chair has an Automatic Body Scan function. Its automatic body scan allows it to calculate weight, measure height and determine the curvature of the user’s back.

The purpose of this analysis is to adapt the massage to the morphology of the user. Once analyzed, the seat provides a multidimensional massage from the neck to the buttocks by means of its treads and 3D massage rollers. In addition, the massage of the shoulders, arms, calves, and feet is done by airbags which work by air compression.

iRest SL Track Massage Chair has 16 different massage modes. These different modes include Whole Body, Back and Waist, Stretch, Neck & Shoulders, Relaxation, and Comfort. They allow you to eliminate fatigue in 20 minutes.

Thermotherapy Function

In addition, thanks to the thermotherapy function, this massage seat diffuses heat to the lower back to facilitate the relaxation of the muscles and the relief of muscle tension. In addition, the multiple massage modes and other seat functions can be configured with its remote control.

This iRest Massage Chair is large enough to fit all types of body persons. For more comfort and efficiency in the massage, the extendable footrest is adjustable up to 15 centimeters and the opening of the massage rollers is adjustable from 6 to 21 centimeters.

In addition, its seat is reclining allowing for example to find itself in the position of “zero gravity” which distributes the weight of the body evenly for better relaxation.

The A303 massage chair has a Bluetooth function and built-in speakers at the head support for you to listen to music or make a call. In addition, this seat is also strong enough to support a load of 200 kilograms.


  • Fit for Tall & Heavy Body Persons
  • Automatic Body Scan
  • SL Track Massage
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Remote Controlee
  • Bluetooth Function


  • Bulky & Heavy Weight (102 Kg)


Over it is a Luxury Massage Chair at an affordable price. I Highly Recommend you to buy this massage chair and enjoy it.

2. iRest 2022 Massage Chair AI Voice Control SL Track Full Body Massage Chair

iRest 2021 Massage Chair AI Voice Control

This massage chair has an AI Voice Control function. Just Say “Hi! Alice” or click the wake-up voice control button on the right side of the armrest. Hearing your voice, the massage chair will reply to you “I’m here”. You can preset your voice functions through the shortcut key panel button on the handrail.

This massage chair has an automatic body scan function. When you sit on it, the massage chair will automatically detect your height, shoulder widths & weight and will adjust the massage functions according to your body physique.

The right arm of this massage chair has a handrail shortcut key with multiple functions like an on/off button, pause button, angle adjust button, voice wakeup button, auto mode button, zero gravity, heating, and entire foot lifting, backrest, and air pressure button. You can control your massage functions with more convenience during the massage.

This Massage Chair has 12 different kinds of automatic massage functions, including shiatsu massage, tapping massage, traction massage, buttock massage, whole-body massage, and neck, back, and waist massage. comfortable massage, traction massage, shoulder, relaxing massage and neck massage, back and waist massage.

SL Track Design

This massage chair has an SL Track Design with an extended length of up to 53.15″, you can enjoy the robot hand massage from neck to legs with ease. This massage chair is suitable for all heavyweight and tall people.

This Massage Chair has three zero-gravity levels. With the touch button, you can select a comfortable reclining angle according to your choice. At 180 degree angle, you will be in zero gravity. meanwhile, your whole body and heart are in a horizontal line, which can increase blood circulation and reduce heart pressure. At this level, you will feel yourself in the space.

This iRest SL track Best Massage Chair has a yoga stretching function with an Intelligent Manipulator for Shiatsu, kneading, and tapping combination.

This Massage Chair scans your body automatically after turning on, this massage chair will automatically detect your shoulder width, height, and weight.

This massage chair has airbags for calf massage and mechanical rollers at the bottom of the foot for foot massage. These functions give an amazing massage to the lower parts of the body.

This Massage Chair With airbags on the shoulders, arms, legs, and calves gives full relaxation to the body And also reduces the pain of the body.

This iRest Massage chair A306 has Bluetooth technology that allows you to listen to your favorite music during the massage.

With back heat treatment function: carbon fiber as the far-infrared heat source. The heating pads on the lower back area with approx 40℃, not only can stimulate blood circulation but also can soothe your sore muscle or damaged tissues.


  • AI Voice Controlled
  • Auto body scan function
  • Zero Gravity
  • SL Track
  • Bluetooth


  • Not enough rollers for feet


Overall this massage chair is good for people having a budget under $2000.

3. iRest A198 Massage Chair with S Track Review

This massage chair is the same as the iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair, except this one has only an S track instead of S & L tracks. All other functions are the same as the iRest A303 Massage Chair.

iRest A198 Massage Chair

Recent developments in the field of technology applied to psycho-physical well-being put at our disposal an advanced professional massage chair equipped with many solutions.  A 3D massaging hand system consisting of air cushions, rollers, and air pumps, combined with intelligent detection systems of the lines of our body, is able to guarantee us a deep and quality massage.

The advanced and innovative functions of this massage chair also include a positioning system designed to bring our body into a completely horizontal position with a simple gesture without a significant increase in bulk.

Furthermore, this Zero Gravity position gives the user the sensation of floating in the void, a setting with two main advantages: a deep sense of calm and relaxation and a homogeneous and total discharge of the body weight that maximizes the effectiveness of the massage…

This last function is exclusive to the best massage chairs, an advantage that cannot be replicated by a professional masseur as it requires a lying position with the back facing down.

Ergonomic Backrest

The iRest A198 massage chair has been designed with an ergonomic backrest that respects the so-called S shape of our back in a detailed and harmonious way, so as to distribute the effectiveness of the massage evenly along the whole body. The combination of vibration, air cushions, and massage rollers covers the entire body, including the lower and upper limbs.

The arm massage takes place with further input, in addition to vibration, of compressed air, in line with the precepts of traditional massage regarding these particular pressure points.

The 3D massaging “hands” follow movements and operate functions derived directly from the massage techniques of professional masseurs. In addition, the intelligent systems scan the lines of the body ensuring that every movement follows the correct path in every situation.

The mapping of the pressure points is very precise.  The presence of numerous pre-set programs allows us to have the possibility to choose our favorite massage, without anything preventing us from setting our favorite massage in the way we want. A large number of airbags, air pumps, and rollers in fact allow a large number of possibilities. In automatic, you can choose between 6 preset programs.

The electric backrest, the possibility to customize the components, the quality composition, and the elegant design are just some of the possibilities offered by this excellent professional massage chair. Thanks to iRest Shuttle you can always have at your disposal all the relaxation and health you need, every day.


  • Automatic Body Scan
  • 3D Robotic hand massage
  • Bluetooth Speakers


  • Only Have S Track


This massage chair is good for people having a budget under $1300.

FAQ – the most common questions about iRest massage chairs

Is IRest massage chair suitable for everyone?

In principle, a massage chair is suitable for everyone.
It is recommended not to use the chair by children under the age of 14, women who are pregnant, and people who have a pacemaker.

Has the use of a chair been scientifically researched?

Yes! Its uses and effects have been researched

How often can iRest massage chairs be used?

A massage can be used as often as it feels comfortable. There are no indications of maximum use per day or per week. You feel yourself when you’ve had enough.

What does it cost in energy?

A massage chair requires an average power of 180 watts. The duration of a massage is on average 15 minutes. Based on this, a massage costs between $0.01 and 0.02 cents per message.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

The current chairs are strong and solidly produced. No specific maintenance is required.

Is the massage strength/intensity adjustable in iRest Massage Chairs?

Yes! When a massage chair is equipped with a 3D massage mechanism, the intensity of the massage can be adjusted via the control panel. You can decrease or increase the massage intensity.

How long does an iRest Massage Chair last?

The current chairs are sturdy and sustainably produced. Solid materials are used for the production of the chairs. Depending on the frequency of use, the chairs will last 5 to 10 years or, expressed in hours, 3,000 to 4,000 hours, which is equivalent to 12,000 to 16,000 uses.

And if the chair has to go to the 1st floor or to the attic?

Many customers do not want the chair in the living room but in the bedroom or attic. In these all cases, the chair can raise fairly easily.

Why should I choose the iRest Massage Chair?

Buying a massage chair is not something you do every day, it is nice if you buy a chair that you can enjoy for years. iRest Massage chairs are from a renowned and specialized manufacturer (iRest), which guarantees quality and security.

But much more important: The chair must give a massage that you find comfortable. We, therefore, think it is important that you can experience our chairs in peace and that you make a choice that you will not regret afterward. Choosing a massage chair is a personal matter, where only you can determine whether you experience a chair as pleasant.

iRest has very good contacts with the manufacturer. To ensure that technical problems can solve faster and that parts are available.

What is zero-Gravity?

Zero gravity is a lying position assumed by astronauts when launching their spacecraft. Due to the large forces on the body that arise during a launch. It is essential that the astronauts are maximally relaxed and able to absorb the forces well to prevent damage to muscles and vertebrae.

The zero-gravity position is increasingly found in the more luxurious models of massage chairs in order to have an optimal relaxed state of the body. Which increases the effect of the massage. The Zero-gravity posture provides the most relaxed posture, with the least strain on the muscles and vertebrae. Zero Gravity sounds very exciting, in practice, you will not notice it very much when using it in a massage chair.

Airbags in a massage chair?

Indeed, every massage chair has airbags, which inflate and deflate to put pressure on muscles. The purpose of this is to milk the muscles, as it were, to press out the lactic acid. This treatment relaxes the muscles better and gives a feeling of vitality.

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