iRest A700 3D Massage Chair Reviews 2022

iRest A700 3D Massage Chair Reviews 2024

Massage Chair iRest A700 3D

The newest and best iRest model is now near you. The massage chair A700-2 is equipped with smart 3D hands with the ability to move up and down, left-right, but also inside and out. It also has 60 airbags, a smart voice command system so we do not need the control as well as a heating system in the middle and legs.

The 3D massage head has the longest massage path 137cm that reaches even on the shoulder. It also has the innovative technology of production of negative oxygen ions while thanks to the built-in speakers the massage becomes even more enjoyable!

The A700-2 armchair combines unique technologies to make your experience even more unique, giving you the ultimate in relaxation combined with luxury and elegant design.


  • Relax in the armchair with a massage of your choice listening to your favorite music from the Bluetooth speakers.
  • With the specially designed Short Cut Button, adjust the armchair without having to move your hand from its position.
  • The specially designed Led light gives us a unique feeling even when we have all the lights off.
  • The armchair, in addition to the relaxing massage that it will offer you, has the innovative technology of production of negative oxygen ions, in particular, the negative ions look for the positive ions, such as pollen, bacteria, dust, allergens, etc. When positive and negative ions combine, they become heavy, causing them to move away from our body, offering you the ultimate experience.
  • Specially designed case for the control to always be in your hand!
  • Finally, it includes a USB port so you can charge your device along with your massage so you can have your cell phone next to you.

Intelligent Voice Control

The intelligent voice recognition system facilitates the control of the massage. You do not need to stretch your hand to adjust the massage process, giving you maximum enjoyment. All you need to do is talk to her!



“SL” Shape Curved Rail

After many studies, we came up with a very long “L” shape curve, to increase the length of action to 137 cm, which allows you to enjoy a personalized massage throughout the body. This helps maintain the “S” curve of the vertebrae, which helps to relax the spine.


Zero Gravity

When the zero gravity function starts, there is an angle of inclination of about 118 degrees between the body and the legs. The position of the degrees and calves is higher than the position of the heart. The force of gravity from each part of the body is evenly distributed in the armchair, so that all the tension of the body is released. This gives you a feeling of weightlessness, so you can enjoy complete relaxation without restrictions.


Automatic Detection For Leg

The footrest has the possibility of dynamic expansion 25cm. Depending on the height of each user, pushing our feet down, the footrest will extend to the right position so you can enjoy the massage in the right position each time, regardless of your height.



Intelligent Mechanical 3D Massage Hands

The clever 3D mechanical massage hands continue to collect curved data on the back of the body and mimic professional movement ability to achieve a multidimensional feel and give us the touch of a true hand. Therefore the massage of this particular armchair can be comfortably compared to a massage by a professional masseur.


Automatic Body Scan

It has the ability to automatically detect the position of the shoulder and adjust automatically based on our body type, so each user will have exactly the same massage experience.

3 Memory Modes

The ability to store three separate massage programs will meet your own needs and those of your family. Any combination of massage methods and functions you choose can be stored in the M1 / ​​M2 / M3 memory keys.

Back – Waist Twist

The side airbags can move your body from right to left by “adjusting” your spine to effectively relieve you by releasing any muscle stiffness.

Shoulder Adjusting

The adjustment on the shoulders is specially designed to be able to cover all body types as it has 3 adjustment positions of 14 cm.

5 Levels of Massage Speed ​​Adjustable

According to each body type, the massage curve in the back and the position of the shoulders are automatically detected and the range of massage is adjusted according to our body type. When massaging with “finger” pressure or “strokes” the width can be freely adjusted in the range of 3 – 21 cm with 5 speed levels.

5 Levels of Massage Speed ​​Adjustable

Depending on the different massage needs, the speed can be adjusted to 5 levels. You can also customize your massage as you wish and have a different massage experience by changing the speed.

3 Levels of Air Pressure Intensity Adjustable

Adjust the air pressure intensity to 3 different levels. The 60 built-in airbags will give you the complete feeling of relaxation from the shoulders to the feet.

polithrona massage irest a302

Heating system.

Heating improves the effectiveness of the massage, “softens” the aching muscles and increases blood circulation. Using carbon fiber as an infrared heating source, the A700-2 3D achieves uniform and in-depth body heating to relax muscle spasms and better prepare for massage.

Zero Space

With the zero space function, the back of the armchair rolls down to keep the armchair a short distance from the wall, for maximum space savings.

It needs only 5 cm distance from the wall!







  • Product Model: A700-2
  • Rated Power: 220W
  • Armchair weight: 141KG
  • Package weight: 151KG
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V ~
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Safety Design: Class I
  • Air Pressure: 0.025-0.03MPa
  • Noise: ≤ 55dB
  • Standby Power: 0.1-1W
  • Maximum user weight: 130KG
  • Armchair dimensions: 148 x 85 x 118cm
  • Armchair dimensions in full area: 189 x 85 x 100cm
  • Warranty: Two (2) years on electronic and mechanical parts. Leathers are excluded

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