irest a303 massage chair review

iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair Recliner Review 2024

Welcome to my Post ” iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair Recliner Review 2024 “. The iRest SL-A303  massage chair is an innovative model from the iRest Massage Chair. This 3D Robotic hand massage chair is designed to provide all the necessary massage functions to offer the user “absolute” relaxation. This massage chair has almost all the massage types and techniques like luxury massage chairs.

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Let us review our topic model in detail:

iRest A303 SL Track Massage Chair Review 2024

iRest SL Track Massage Chair A303 is available in 2 descent colors:


Black Brown

iRest A303 has the following features which make it different from other similar models in the market.

Automatic Body Scanning System

The automatic body scan relates to body height, weight and spine data detection, so it adjusts a correct massage position to adjust the neck, back, waist and so on. The intelligent system scans your back and offers a massage that delineates the curve of the spine of each individual user of the armchair.

Width Adjustable.

The S-shaped back massage was developed according to a special ergonomic studio to make the back massage precise and effective. The opening width can be adjusted in 3 steps from 6 cm to 21 cm: large, medium and narrow.

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