I’m proud of little boy after finding dirty video on his iPad

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He is a proud father.

A father slapped his little one cheekily – and not in the way you’d expect. Warren Tansey filmed the moment he confronted his 6-year-old son Acer for downloading a racy photo of a “bunny girl” onto his iPad.

In a now viral Twitter video with nearly 50,000 views, Warren was hysterical after coming across a video of a scantily clad woman demonstrating “stop, drop and roll,” but in a strangely seductive way.

The woman featured in the clip wearing micro shorts, a skin-tight crop top and of course bunny ears as she slung her hips and dropped them low.

“When I first saw it, I thought it was funny. It’s not too rude – but it’s definitely borderline,” the father from Greater Manchester told Kennedy News of the clip.

“While I was with him I thought I’d put it on to catch him out and interrogate him a bit. His reaction was really funny.”

Six years old
The naughty 6-year-old refused to download the naughty clip.
Kennedy News and Media
Warren and Acer
Warren thought it would be fun to film his son’s reaction as he found the situation humorous.
Kennedy News and Media

Rather than punish his curious child, Warren chose to embarrass him on camera instead, giving Acer the opportunity to come clean on his own.

“You added this to your iPad,” Warren accused her son in the viral video.

At first, the tike pleaded the fifth and purposefully denied having saved the clip and refused to answer whether he found the woman attractive when his father prompted him for an answer.

“You liar,” Warren exclaimed. “You like it so you saved it to your camera roll.”

“It just came up,” Acer stood firm, withdrawing from the interrogation.

Warren shared the clip, intended for “a laugh”, online because he “thought it would be fun to share”, and it was – the cheeky kid racked up thousands of views online.

Despite the guilty grin on Acer’s face, he stuck to his claim that it wasn’t him.
Kennedy News and Media
Blurred clip
The racy footage showed a scantily clad woman seductively performing the “stop, drop and roll”, a fire safety technique.
Kennedy News and Media

Fortunately, Acer’s mother, 39-year-old Danielle Redikin, also found the incident funny.

“He was really happy to see it and then he got embarrassed when I asked him about it, so he must have liked it. He must have just liked the look of the girl in it,” the father explained. “He tried to come out of it by saying he couldn’t have filmed it, he’s definitely mature beyond his years.”

The eagle-eyed father-of-two discovered the gruesome clip two days before he confronted Acer on camera last Sunday.

Fellow people hailed the youngster as an absolute “legend” in the comments section of Twit wit, clearly thinking the odd parenting moment was top notch humour.

“What a belter kid he is!” one TikToker commented.

“Impeccable taste,” another hailed the boy’s choice.

“Legend,” said another simply.

Acer and Warren
TikTokers found the clip hilarious and championed the little boy for his taste in women.
Kennedy News and Media
Viewers called Acer a “legend” in the comments.
Kennedy News and Media

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