‘Havoc’ as main road in Nottinghamshire closed by jokers without work

Written by Javed Iqbal

Nottinghamshire County Council officials are investigating a false roadblock created by “prankers” caused by gridlock. Mill Lane ind Annesley to Laburnum Avenue, in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, was closed in both directions, leading to a huge build-up of traffic in Kirkby in particular.

The closure has now been reported to the council, and it has emerged that no work had been put on the road. Councilor Jason Zadrozny, head of Ashfield District Councilbelieve jokers placed the road closure signs on both sides of the busy road.

Councilor Zadroznyhead of the Ashfield District Council, said: “This closure caused chaos in Kirkby – already affected by the work of Western Power on Kingsway. I was warned about this problem early Wednesday (June 22) when I was stuck in traffic and my phone rang.

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“Via the East Midlands, which carries out highway work on behalf of the county council, knew nothing about this. An incident management team was on the scene and they believe the signs were placed maliciously.

“This is incredibly frustrating, and for hundreds of residents stuck on Kirkby’s jammed roads, this was no joke. It looks like this closure was false. I’m glad to be able to inform residents that the road is now open as usual. “

Gary Wood, county highway and transportation chief, said: “We have not put a closure in place on Mill Lane in Annesley and have not been notified of any planned or emergency by third parties. We have a team of compliance inspectors who ensure , that only authorized road works are carried out in the county and that they are carried out safely, with potential sanctions in place for those who do not comply with the rules.A inspector from Via East Midlands has attended the site to remove the signs from the exhibition and investigate who placed the road closure signs. “

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