Georgia’s Herschel Walker gets “homestead” tax credit in Texas

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Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker (Ga.) enjoys a tax exemption on his Texas home, even though the GOP nominee lives in Georgia, where he is running for public office.

The tax exemption is intended for primary residents of Texas, but for 2022 Walker will get a $1,500 exemption on Dallas-area homes, It was reported by CNN.

The same exemption allowed Walker to save $1,200 on his property tax bill on his $3 million home last year, according to the Texas Tribune.

Below texas law, home owners can only claim tax exemption if the home is their primary home.

If a homeowner leaves, they can continue to claim the exemption, but only if they do not establish a main residence elsewhere.

The exemption also raises questions about Walker’s candidacy, since the U.S. Constitution requires Senate candidates to live in the state they are running for.

The Republican nominee is in a close race against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) of Georgia.

The two nominees will meet again in a December runoff that will determine how much control Democrats will have in the Senate.

Walker bought the house near Dallas in 2011, according to the Texas Tribune, and has claimed the tax exemption since 2012.

The homestead tax exemption has landed other Texas politicians in hot water before, including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who refunded his taxes.

Walker registered to vote in Atlanta, Ga., in 2021. He listed his residence at a home in an Atlanta neighborhood owned by his wife, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

A Georgia football legend, Walker was born and raised in the state and played for the University of Georgia.

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