Frontline workers start receiving hundreds in “hero pay” this week

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MINNEAPOLIS — Officials announced Monday that more than 1 million front-line workers in Minnesota will begin receiving hundreds of dollars in “hero pay” starting this week.

Gov. Tim Walz’s office said 1,025,655 frontline workers will begin receiving payments of $487.45 on Wednesday. The payments will continue throughout the autumn.

“I’m grateful for the work that Minnesotans did to help people across our state stay healthy and safe through the COVID-19 pandemic,” Walz said. “Frontline workers are an important part of the fabric of our state and helped us continue to function during the pandemic.”

On Monday at noon, there will be a press conference at the State Capitol with the Department of Labor’s interim commissioner to address the announcement.

More than one million frontline workers applied for hero pay over the summer. The state’s original estimate was that 667,000 people were eligible for hero wages, meaning they would receive $750 per hour.

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